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I'm sorry. I'm from a different world. Who says means very little to me anymore. I'm one of those who will find out by actually wearing the boot and thrashing them. Like I said before, wear them and if the "issue" is an actual issue OSB stands behind their product. Until then this is nothing more than conjecture and nothing more. I'm also not convinced the shaft heights aren't all that different either.
In the workboot world the Elston last is narrow.No the correct answer is a vast majority of people don't have unrealistic expectations. This whole well this is styleforum so what do you expect argument is getting old. It's gotten to the point of ludicrous and so skewed it isn't funny anymore. A good example of this was people spending 400 bucks on some "designer" shirt where the buttons fell off on the first wearing. That is real and legitimate quality concern issue but...
Pink lightning.
We have a few Filson items up on Ebay. There might be something of interest for...
It's funny you said that. When I talked to George yesterday I said the same thing except it has to be a size 9.
Smart move since I do tend to run specials longer than I say.
Pink lightning.
Yeah I see your point. Most people who say they hike haven't been on a grade 3 or higher trail and about all that's needed for that is a decent shoe.
Simply untrue, there's four years worth of detailed information posted by me that proves otherwise.
Well, I'm now the official photographer and tour photographic instructor for a tornado tour company. Along with chasing storms we're talking about setting up photographic tours in places like the Sonoran Desert, Red Rock, Glacier National Park, Arches NP and similar places along those lines. My custom super duty custom Trench HD boots are going to see a lot of places and will get a lot of press which should thrill George to no end.
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