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Boot Sale On the entire line of US made 1Ks. If it's not on the site call the store. 573-254-3311 The magic word is: SUMMER http://cranesboots.com/store/products/
All of this is covered in the sizing guide that I wrote. With that said it appears there's a significant difference in sizing between your feet. You might have to reside to the fact that these boots may not work for you.
Amphibian portraiture...
I've worn them a fair amount. I rotate them with the 1K desert boots so 50% of the time they're worn. Now I'll admit I haven't been as crazy with these versus the 1Ks. Yet. Very comfortable boots. Probably moreso than the 1Ks though I have no complaints with them either. The sole is the big difference so far. but that's not a fair comparison. OSB makes a very good boot for sure. I'll be writing about these after the storm season slows down a bit.
My custom trenches out in who knows where.
A rainbow pano.
It seems like it will never stop raining here. Every single day for weeks it rains in the afternoon. I didn't know we had a Monsoon season.A lightning shot from a couple of days ago.
It seems Missouri is this years weird weather capital. From last week.
ARs are going for cheap around here. That market collapsed months ago in MO at least.
Two lightning shots from a recent two state night storm chase. It's been a while since I've seen lightning as wild as what was going on this night.
New Posts  All Forums: