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3 plus years on my Vibram Raptor half soles without any issues on my now semi retired brown 1Ks.
Always a fan of a good sunset. "Crown of Light"
A sunset? Oh we had a good one last night. "Crown of Light"
Very true. Sidewalks are pretty brutal on a sole. My Vibram half sole job runs about 30 bucks. A leather resole is a C note. Kind of a no brainer really.
Seconds aren't covered under Wolverine's warranty. You buy them it's all on you more or less.
I suspect an 8.5 or 9 would work best. going down basically one full size from your measured size has been very problematic with these boots. Of course this is predicated on the fact that your foot was properly measured with the device. I wrote an extensive article on how to get the size right with these boots.
Yeah, call the store and talk to Dave.
Filson + Magnum. It looks like I'll be testing one of the collab camera bags for real. Initial thoughts...
Oh I beat these boots to death. Have been for the last five years. I even wet wade with them and they just keep on going. A little brushing, saddle soap, boot oil and they're ready for another round.
Nothing fishy about them. They look like the Darby boot from the Gentlemens Collection a few years ago.
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