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PM me for a code.
I don't care if it's yours or not. I also don't care if you think I don't know a thing about IP rights, copyrights, fair use or the DMCA and how it works.
That's correct, my memory must be going so it's a good thing I take notes. LOL!Anyway even at the lower numbers there's no indication that quality and quality control are an issue in the line.
The advantages of being a dealer is you get numbers from your rep. In the world of Wolverine millions of pairs of shoes and boots are made each year. In the 1K American line the number is between 40,000 and 60,000 pair a year.
Maybe you should be worried about someone doing that kind of crap. How would you like it if someone did this and you were the target?Correct, you sharing your photos and saying what you have to say is one thing. When someone decides hey I'll use that photo in my vendetta against someone is an entirely different matter especially when used WITHOUT permission. Of course giving your permission to use your photos in a slaughter campaign also means you share in the risk of...
It doesn't surprise me at all. Perhaps you should ask the offending party to remove the photos immediately and if they say no report the offense to the host and they'll take care of it. They can cry fair use but it doesn't work that way. It's a copyright violation.
Several hundred thousand pairs are sold each year and the amount of supposed QC problems are miniscule. I will not admit to any nonsense that there's some huge quality control problem because it doesn't exist.Here's a German reseller of 1000 mile boots. Why don't you call them and get the information you need? Hell they might even replace them for...
So what's the problem with the boots? I also know that a 100 google returns means nothing since most of the complainers have myriads of accounts on other boards.Nevermind eyelets. Your situation is exasperated because you bought them in the US and then went overseas.
I'm not an apologist and never will be. I also don't need to be an authority on boot construction either. I put them on and they either last or they don't. That simple.I know what a storm welt is. I've also had issues with that type of welting.OSBs quality issues are based on a handful of complaints with no regard to the fact that George has sold 10s of thousands of pairs of boots. The quality issue is negligible. I'm also aware of how well bad news travels.
Hey clown, when there's a thin cloud cover that diffuses sunlight so it is what I said it was. If you're so smart about light you would know there's varying degrees of diffusion. As of yet I do not see any thread on the inner welt so visible stitching comments are incorrect. Do I see a bit of the folds, yep. Szad himself said he's not sure if the angles are making the boots appear different in heights so continuously saying they are is also a patently false statement.
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