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Are you the author of the shoe care convo on reddit?
Handsewns meaning what exactly?
Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Review Thread....
It's just starting. I'm going to give them a couple of weeks or so to see how it develops and then I'll most likely take some pics.
The burnishing doesn't bother me. Wherever my jeans are rubbing against the leather the same effect is starting to develop. I like it.I have no intention of applying anything heavy with wax to these. I'm not a fan of beeswax rough out leather. Since the boots are made of Orion leather, which is a heavily oiled leather, that's what I'll use to condition them when the time comes.
i never said that and never would.They are a 360 welt so if the 360 270 welt info is correct they would be made by AE.
Try answering what size should I get about 900 times. Mario isn't defending me dude. He's pointing out some obvious facts. With a little looking you might figure a few things out.
Oh this is going to get good. I'm wearing a new pair of Latham rough out desert boots.
Ever hear of making a deal and going to bed with each other?
We have that kit in stock. Thanks for reminding me Mil
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