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No it isn't.
And you were told that's a result of how the leather flexes at the flex point.
And that makes perfect sense. I'm a D and when I wear heavy wool socks I feel it in the instep.
Follow the link and read the entire article.http://cranesboots.com/getting-right-size/They don't run narrow at all.
No numbering means not first quality. The boots rphoto has were most likely firsts that were either rejected by W, the dealer or a customer and ended being marked and then sold as seconds.
The current deal will run another day. I checked inventory on the Morley in both colors and almost every size is currently available. It's not on the site right now but the deal extends to phone in orders.....
You bring up some good points and options Hayward. People seem to underestimate the value of small impact weapons. People might laugh at the coin sap. That is until they got smacked upside the head with it. The same goes with a heavy metal pen. I carry one made by Surefire. It would make for a good yawara stick if needed. Here in MO our CCW permit laws allow one to carry a good old blackjack which is my small impact weapon of choice. Anywhere else or in places in MO where...
That mark on the side of the boot looks like something a speed hook would leave. I've seen this before and it tends to be caused by the animals that handle packages in shipping. Unless the leather is actually scraped/cut the mark rubs out with a thumb pretty easily.The toe box is damaged and is grounds for instant rejection. We would not ship a boot that has that issue.It's work boot patina only when the person who bought them mashes the toe box.
As my good friend Burt Gummer would say, when you need it and don't have it you sing a different tune. Basically you don't know where, when or even if some kind of trouble will find you.
It sounds to me like the citizenry is saying the police better start finding other ways to do things instead of busting down doors every chance they get.
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