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Too funny, I do the same thing with my felt wading boots. I'll have to get some of those screws instead of whatever looks good at the hardware store.
LOL! I hope the next one goes a little East and gets you instead of me. You've been dodging bullets all winter. Lucky bastards.
Lefty, I have been known to use short screws as an emergency traction device on lugged sole boots. Studded snow and ice boots. Don't wear on hardwood floors or tile.
Stay far away from mother daughter cat fights especially if you're in her room. You will die. 11 inches of snow. Then the wind had to kick up and cause it to drift. Now the temperature is heading for -10F with all kinds of fun windchill values. A high of 7F tomorrow. and then the real fun begins again a day or so later with more snow and more wind and more arctic temperatures. Oh and we get to do it all again early next week. WTF! could someone tell me how in the hell I...
My Raptor half sole and heel job runs me 30 bucks. A full resole costs me 100. The full resole lasts me about a year while the half sole lasts me 3 plus on average. indeed it's a no brainer.
OK, listen up everyone. Anrobit and I have had a behind the scenes conversation and issues have been pretty much resolved. With that in mind we're going to co author a piece on caring for what's commonly referred to as "work boots". We're going to try to cover how to take care of these boots from light use all the way through the crazy stuff I do. For what it's worth for most people the way to go is going to be some middle ground between the extremes. Misterjuiceman you...
And as misterjuiceman has already pointed out you can only resole a goodyear welt so many times. The longer you avoid a full resole/recraft the better and that extends to just about any boot or shoe.
The above is sound advice. I add a Vibram Raptor half sole to my boots for traction and it keeps repair costs down. On ice short of using ice crampons there's not much you can do in regard to traction.
A good option for insoles is the Durashock insole made by Wolverine. After I tore up my plantar fascia on my right foot a while back that's what ended up in my 1Ks. They aren't thick but they work well for comfort. They come in whole sizes only so if you're in between sizes order up to the next whole size and trim if needed.
I wear them a while to rough up the soles a bit. Over the years it seems that when it's done that way there's less reports of the topy/half sole coming unglued.
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