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Again, these clowns need to be under 24 hour video surveillance. They should be jailed, fined, sued professionally and personally and not allowed to ever work in any security or law enforcement field ever again. Oh and take their guns away too.
Crepuscular rays. Love 'em. Trini, that looks like a helluva tripod. I'm trying to find something similar but I need something with a self leveling center column for fast setups on lousy terrain.
You don't know what I'm going to say.I can't make heads or tails either. I'm not even sure what I'm looking at.
What's your Brannock measurements?
You shouldn't assume that. Read the article I wrote about how to get sizing right with these boots.http://cranesboots.com/getting-right-size/
I think it's the other way around a lot of times.
I reduced the price of those waxed cotton and CXL messengers that Wolverine makes. I'm sick of looking at them. LOL! Regularly about 400 bucks now 225.
I don't have it in stock and the leather description is lacking. I would guess the leather is a full grain oil/wax finished leather that's been tumbled a while for effect. I like how it looks other than it's black which is a color I don't like.No, just lay it over the top. I don't think it reduces the size but it does decrease the volume of the boot a bit.From what you;re saying it sounds like you are new to work boots. If you wear shoes all the time it takes getting used...
The real question that needs to be asked is what is your measured size with the socks you prefer to wear. It sounds like you sized down a whole size and that places your foot further into the toe box which does taper down. This in a nutshell could be your entire problem with the boots seeming to be narrow.
Yeah, they're the ones with the vicious attack dogs but oh if you shoot one good luck. Another pat on the back when the bastard needs a good swift kick in the nuts and personally sued into poverty.
New Posts  All Forums: