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Duh, I just looked at my boots and that's one piece of leather. The stitching is for attaching internal pieces. I'll recant my previous statement, those are stretch marks.
Amanita phalloides mushrooms are natural and organically grown. Good luck eating them.
It's the way they wear at the flex point is about all I can think of.
It's about -10F with a foot of snow outside. A good morning to clean the brown 1Ks up a bit. I've posted a ton of pics of before and after but nothing in the middle so here you go. Color balance is spot on in the photos when viewed with a calibrated monitor. When I really want to clean leather I use good old saddle soap. It's a surfactant and surfactants tend to lift dirt away from a surface instead of driving it into the leather. First thing I do is brush the lose dust...
Those aren't stretch marks. The lines perfectly match across multiple pieces of leather. If I were to guess those are burnishing/buffing marks caused by the edge of the wheel. That's something that will take care of itself over time. About the only thing i see on those boots that would concern me is the toe. We make it a point to look over each pair of boots we ship out. We wouldn't ship those out because of the toe.Lose the 1/2 inch insoles. Try some Wolverine Durashox...
Too funny, I do the same thing with my felt wading boots. I'll have to get some of those screws instead of whatever looks good at the hardware store.
LOL! I hope the next one goes a little East and gets you instead of me. You've been dodging bullets all winter. Lucky bastards.
Lefty, I have been known to use short screws as an emergency traction device on lugged sole boots. Studded snow and ice boots. Don't wear on hardwood floors or tile.
Stay far away from mother daughter cat fights especially if you're in her room. You will die. 11 inches of snow. Then the wind had to kick up and cause it to drift. Now the temperature is heading for -10F with all kinds of fun windchill values. A high of 7F tomorrow. and then the real fun begins again a day or so later with more snow and more wind and more arctic temperatures. Oh and we get to do it all again early next week. WTF! could someone tell me how in the hell I...
My Raptor half sole and heel job runs me 30 bucks. A full resole costs me 100. The full resole lasts me about a year while the half sole lasts me 3 plus on average. indeed it's a no brainer.
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