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Deal Thing The cordovan colored 1K is in short supply so it's off the site for now. If you don't see it call the store. This deal works on and offline. While you're at it buy some soap and a hatchet or two. This one will run through Monday. http://cranesboots.com/store/products/ The code is; HATCHET
I just checked you EXIF data on that water shot you're wondering about. f13 at 1/500 of a second. Unless the fisherman was really moving like when casting your shutter speed should have froze him. I also did some math for hyper focus and the best distance to target would be about 30 feet. The depth of field would be 19 feet to infinity. So with that in mind about the only way to end up with a blurry fisherman would be to focus on something right in front of you. Here's a...
I know a place. Call 573-254-3311After I change a few things in a bit I'll also be doing a deal thing.
Sounds good. I'm not seeing it in the current catalog.
Which model is that in your pic? I would imagine those would work real well on leather soled dress shoes.
The Raptors are a bit thicker but that's because they are a shallow random patterned half sole. Basically they're as thick as the commando half sole that so popular. They're designed not to clog and were made specifically for snowy and icy conditions. They've also proven themselves to be really good on concrete and grass too.
Are they numbered on the tongue?
Lookin' good. My 721s have been sitting idle for the most part along with my Addisons. I've been so hellbent on beating my brown 1Ks to death it isn't even funny. I don't think I'll be successful anytime soon. LOL!
A potter making pottery.
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