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Which model is that in your pic? I would imagine those would work real well on leather soled dress shoes.
The Raptors are a bit thicker but that's because they are a shallow random patterned half sole. Basically they're as thick as the commando half sole that so popular. They're designed not to clog and were made specifically for snowy and icy conditions. They've also proven themselves to be really good on concrete and grass too.
Are they numbered on the tongue?
Lookin' good. My 721s have been sitting idle for the most part along with my Addisons. I've been so hellbent on beating my brown 1Ks to death it isn't even funny. I don't think I'll be successful anytime soon. LOL!
A potter making pottery.
I've always wanted an old style leather camera bag made out of something like that. I think after a decade of running around all over the place it would look really good.
I like that sort of stuff. To me it adds character and makes an item unique. I have a vendor who's on the look out for an item I want that has a brand mark on it.
Duh, I just looked at my boots and that's one piece of leather. The stitching is for attaching internal pieces. I'll recant my previous statement, those are stretch marks.
Amanita phalloides mushrooms are natural and organically grown. Good luck eating them.
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