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That's the way to do it. Enjoy that Zeiss lens too. Awesome glass.
You mentioned light color doesn't matter if you set the WB to match. I agreed with you on that. My artificial light temperature is 5500K.What's that old saying? Expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights. Shore if you meter for the shadows you're apparent underexposure issue might go away or become less of an issue.
I don't have those kinds of problems but then again I don't set myself up for failure either. I'm really wondering where 6500K lighting is better than 5000K comes from too. LOL!
Too expensive for sure. I'm wondering if your camera needs to be CLAed. The ASA shutter coupling might be the culprit. Don't you have a metered 35mm camera that you could go out with and compare your handheld to?
Shore, I take it you're using a finder that doesn't meter? If memory serves me right there are finders with meters for that camera. You might want to look into that.
I have one of these with mirror lockup and it's a great medium format camera. Heavy and bulky yes but that's what tripods are for. LOL!
I would have to take a look at a couple of pairs when I'm at the store. In my opinion from a practical stand point, it doesn't matter if they're channeled or not. Channeling looks better but that's really about it.
It won't happen.
If you are an EE you shouldn't be wearing a D width boot in any size. You should be wearing either an 11.5 or 12 EEE.
New Posts  All Forums: