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Missouri River Valley sunset.
Sunrise this morning...
This morning's sunrise...
I decided to finish off the roll in this camera today. I know what pics I took today but have no idea what's on the rest of the roll. This could be an interesting adventure. LOL!
How does the wife like that Harvey messenger? I needed just a bit more room. I tend to go out with a film and digital camera with lenses attached. I also wanted an interior that could be changed around as well. One day it's two cameras with short telephoto lenses and the next I might have one camera with a 70-210 hanging off it.
It took a while but my tan F+M Field Camera Bag came in. Been messing with the dividers and different configurations. More on that later but for now here's a pic of it.
Just too much fun messing around with a 720nm cutoff filter..
Snowstorm in October..
Ektar is one of my favorite color films. Messing around again with digital IR.
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