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Oh I beat these boots to death. Have been for the last five years. I even wet wade with them and they just keep on going. A little brushing, saddle soap, boot oil and they're ready for another round.
Nothing fishy about them. They look like the Darby boot from the Gentlemens Collection a few years ago.
It's coming. You've run out in front of the storm and you're in position. Radar shows strong rotation and there's hail reports galore. As it approaches you can see what looks like a well formed wall cloud buried in the storm. Closer and closer it comes. The wall cloud begins to show itself and it looks like there's something in there. Barely visible but it's there. A funnel, tornado, scud? The hair stands up on your neck as you realize whatever it is it's coming right at...
A few pano shots...
From a wedding I shot over the weekend. This lil guy was on a mission....
My favorite abandoned gas station about to get eaten by a nasty storm.
I checked to see if a pair were ordered last week. Nobody at the store seems to know about it. Might need to call the store again...
Boot Sale On the entire line of US made 1Ks. If it's not on the site call the store. 573-254-3311 The magic word is: SUMMER http://cranesboots.com/store/products/
All of this is covered in the sizing guide that I wrote. With that said it appears there's a significant difference in sizing between your feet. You might have to reside to the fact that these boots may not work for you.
New Posts  All Forums: