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LOL! Yeah, we were supposed to get a tan and otter at the same time. The tan (my bag) ended up back ordered for a month.It's working out very well as my primary working bag. Currently it's loaded up with an A77 with lens attached, a Minolta SRT 102 with lens attached, two lenses, a prime for the film camera and mid range tele for the A77. Several rolls of film, spare memory cards and spare battery live in one front pocket. a notebook and pen in the other. I've swapped...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.... just another day out and about with my F+M Field Camera Bag. It's seen some rain, snow and has pretty much been stuck to my side wherever I end up going. So far so good. Trying to get things like this...
I never said nor would recommend heating up a pair of boots in an oven. Use a hair dryer.
Sony NEX for mirrorless, Sony RX100 for a high end point and shoot.Hermann is a nice town. I get hired to do a fair amount of work out of that area. Almost everyone who lives there knows me by name. Wonder why. Maybe because I live there? LOL!
Rte 19 bridge in Hermann. Great location. I like Rocheport as well. Shot a couple of weddings this summer at the winery.
Sunset from last night...
They are tanks indeed Bill. My SRT 102 is always in my camera bag and has been for 4 decades. It has never failed me no matter how rotten conditions have been. Oh and the roll came out well.
Missouri River Valley sunset.
Missouri River Valley sunset.
Sunrise this morning...
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