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Just some information that got lost or misheard between Dan and I. That's is a rare occurrence.
I'll ask him if that would be appropriate. THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION!I'll tell him about it. I do agree more frequent posts here would be a good thing.
Great movie!
Okay!If you would like your email directly forwarded to Drew, I can assist you with that. Or you could PM him. If you think of another option, let me know. Always open to new idea.
Me? I can't refund people. I don't have access to the TOJ Paypal.If you meant to say "why is TOJ...", then you can direct your question to Drew when he makes his post. But I can tell you, we have done refunds. Drew has a lot on his plate so sometimes it takes a while for him to get to them. Not an excuse - just an explanation (so don't start a pointless argument with me please). I try to find ways to expedite people getting their money back and this is one solution. If...
Hi! Drew will be posting very soon.
I do a little bit of lifting lulz
Yea I guess since a lot of my bottoms are Rick pieces. I also have a few Yohji and Thamanyah bottoms too. Though I have a pair of custom pants I got made. I'll post up tmrw.
Here's one from today. I'll have one without a drop crotch tmrw. I realize footwear would've been a good idea to get in the shot.. but mirror was too small.
Will check in tmrw.Btw rtc, suit looks spot on. A bit of pulling at the sleeve at pit, but guns gonna guns.
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