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Don't have any pictures but it's a pretty true red.Stripes only available in black and navy like the chart says.
Lamb's fur
V2 (winterized varsity) is now available! - $450 USD Melton wool body Lambskin sleeves 4 ounce diamond quilted fill Colors: (navy/walnut colorway)
No worries!
The collar on our A2 is real fur..
$1 off only for today!I hope everyone's thanksgiving was relaxing
A real shearling piece would cost far too much.. easily $2k+
Baseball jacket will most likely stay dead. No revival for that piece in our plans.
I believe Daniel is putting in the samples for those next week.Btw guys, V2 (aka Winter Varsity) will probably be dropping next week. Look for quilted lining and melton wool.
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