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Retracting my earlier statement. Now I'm hearing Drew isn't connected with IISE.
I hear Drew is in bed with IISE.. so if you buy any jackets from them, you are effectively putting money in Drew's pockets.
I wish I could just turn back time and force operations into Daniel's and my hands. Could've done things different.. like have viewable jacket timelines online, capping orders so timelines don't get extended, wait lists, etc. But it has come to all this instead...
I don't think I'd want to be reeled into cleaning up the mess he made to be honest. It'd be a really big task to take on, especially since I have a full-time job (that actually pays! WOW.. I know lol).I would love to see Drew refund everyone though.I mean, do I think it'll happen? No.But it's a nice thought.
Stupid that I trusted in who I thought was my friend to pull through with his promises and that I wanted to stay aboard to try and help the situation because it wasn't too much of a hassle to me and I had my actual job where I made a living?Ok.Yea, fuck you too btw.
The only drama I knew he had was with his now ex-wife. No other legal drama I knew of at the time.Like I said, you can go ask questions to whomever you want at this point but don't expect anyone to really want to cooperate with you. Daniel is basically in the same situation as me - doesn't really give a fuck anymore about TOJ. You can ask us questions that may help you but we'll have the same answers. But we're not going to go out of our way to do anything else. I mean, I...
Your only real chance is to do it in Korea. He's smarter than to come back to the states where I've been told that he has issues already with the IRS (might involve taxes or something - I forget the specifics to be completely honest). And I'm not very familiar with extradition and all that but I highly doubt any gov't will care to do that to Drew based on what he's done (it's shitty and wrong but I don't think it holds the magnitude for any gov't to care).
I hear of all these legal terms being thrown out and threats of going after Drew... But I don't know if anyone of you realize that it would just cost you more and you would probably not be made whole. I mean I, of all people, would love to see Drew sweat a bit and have to face the music.. That being said, I find this going nowhere. I understand it's a good way to vent thinking of all the possibilities you can screw Drew over.. but I don't really see it happening. The...
Doesn't matter if Daniel had 1 to 1 contact with Drew or not. Daniel was told the same things as I was and that's what he went off of.I advise against it, as it will be a complete waste of time but go ahead and talk to Daniel if you want. Just don't be surprised if you get no response.And list of orders? Yea, it's on google sheets on the TOJ email account which I don't have access to anymore.Read above.And come on.. just use some common sense. Employee leaves company on...
Ding ding ding!Also, not sure what skeen posted since he's on my block list and I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of unhiding his post to read it lol
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