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I believe they are. Let me check with Daniel.
We can do Riri zippers on any jacket as long as the jacket is black
Would have to be an entirely new jacket
Before anyone asks... This is a custom jacket that was done for Will because: he's a friend of mine it was modifications on a jacket we currently have - not a completely custom jacket he understood if anything came out funky, there would be no recourse since it's technically a "sample" since it's our first time doing a jacket like that with the mods he asked for So before you email me asking for jackets with crazy modifications, make sure you're okay with the last...
Lookbook preview Should be on the website this Sunday Big thanks to @pfurey
Same weight CM1 is on the secret menu
For sale is a TOJ black lambskin MA1. It has two interior vertical zipped pockets. It also has an internal carry strap. Condition is 8/10. Will fit 5'11"-6'3" 210-260 pounds.
We've never done any jackets with shearling. No plans to at the moment.
If you get at least 5 people together that want to order an A2 with a different color fur (only one color) fur, I'll see can be done.
I like to let the elements do their thing to leather.But if you're particular about your leather, then you might want to use some conditioner and/or water repellent on it.Olive suiting wool isn't a very common color, so right now, chances are looking slim.
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