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Overload - Week 1: Bench
6 weeks!
Overload - Week 1: Squats
I've used plastidip on interior pieces in the past. Holds up pretty well but I don't suggest using it on exterior pieces.. it's going to come off pretty easily and going to look like shit.
5'11.75".. aka 5'11" manlet here.. :\ To all manlets, rule is to always round down.
I recommend the Romaleos... but that's only because I haven't tried the AdiPowers. I really like my Romaleos a lot though.
Nice tutorial... buttttt... that part around 6:45 saying that you can "manipulate the concept by having a greater mass on the bench.. by deliver force into the floor with your feet":|
Another bench PR to top off the hyrbid phase of this training cycle
I use straps for front squats
Another PR
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