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You and I are opposites.I'm not wide but I've very thick. Arms not long, so they look big-ish. Thighs are hhhhyyooooggeeee and a lot of junk in the trunk.
Uh... why?It's vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs.. if you've got a pretty decent diet, you probably won't even notice a difference.
I'd say I have pretty average genetics.
Thanks!Go little by little. Like half a finger's width per week. It'll take a bit getting used to. Will probably have to drop the weight down initially and build back up.Haha I think Dan's second to last warm ups are higher than my maxes lolI wish. I've really only put on about 10 pounds a year for the past three years. I don't look too different imo.
Not sure yet.If all things go to plan, 665/465/670 for a 1900 total.
Guess who's competing at RUM?
So, what charity you going to donate to if you don't hit your 1000 pound total?
No caffeine from supplements or coffee for me. Only form of caffeine I get are from the little that's in my green tea.
Please bump if you haven't gotten a reply. I'm not on emails all the time at the moment.
Please don't quote skeen. I've been doing just fine with him on block.
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