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Great!I cut from 230 to 236.6 in the past couple weeks.
I've been wearing custom t-shirts my gf makes me for the past few years, so there's that haha
Not bad, not bad. Slightly looser pants and maybe slightly longer tee, and silhouette will look better.
I mean as long as it's grass fed and that grass needs to be gluten free or else you'll get aids.
Dude, I do high volume intensity IIFYMFS organic clentrestolone paleo crossfit
*insert gay joke*
Squat one day, bench the next day, deadlift a couple days later, bench variant the next day, then wait a few days and do it all over again. Then after the main movements, hammer everything til you can't walk properly after your're done. Takes about 2 hours each time.
I dunno. That doesn't seem like a whole lot of weight or reps for squatting hahaI'll be slightly satisfied once I can get to 500x20 on squats
Gonna be different for everyone. As long as the bar is close to you, pull whichever way is more comfortable.
Attempted benching with 315 for 4 sets of 10 today. Missed my last rep by like 2".. dang.
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