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Daniel found some really nice charcoal calfskin.It's got a soft hand, matte, and up to par with our standards.Only issue is there is only enough for ONE jacket, so it's first come, first serve.Ready, set, go!
Quick update: We're working on F/W drops at the moment. Be on the lookout for some old coats to make return with a refresh. There will also be some new models joining the fray. Gore-tex anorak and a greatcoat to name a couple. Also, some tailored wear might be on the menu. Stay tuned.
I agree - they all work in their own way.
A little update. I've been really busy with my personal life but things are still moving smooth and quickly with Daniel and Sally handling production. Right now, lead time is around 2-3 weeks, so it would be an ideal time to place an order to avoid the autumn rush later on. I'm readily available via email, so drop me a line if you need any help or have any inquiries.
Not too much difference in weight/thickness. I'd say the brown lambskin feels nicer. But depends on what you're looking for.
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been as attentive to this thread in the past couple weeks. Been super busy with life. Moving into my new place this weekend so afterwards, I will be more active in this thread. Thanks!
Damn, I might need to make myself one like this..
The jacket makers are already informed to place veins (if any) in inconspicuous places off at all possible.In this particular situation, more hides would have needed to be bought.
Daniel purchases "Grade A" hides from the vendors we use. Even at that level, there's going to be some extremely minor veins that happen according to the vendors. As you can see in those pictures, it's extremely minor and nothing comparable to what was used in the past with TOJ. The only way to circumvent any veins at all from happening is to buy more hides, which increases the price for the jackets. I think what we do is a good compromise.Sorry you didn't have the best...
New Posts  All Forums: