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Just the ones listed. I think that's plenty, no? haha
Correct!Correct!Yes, it's a possibility. Working on some other things right now, so might be a bit.
View of the quilting on the DR4
Nope, we decided to not have the inner arm/forearm quilting to make the jacket a bit more casual and wearable looking.
So you're basically asking if you can get the DR4 or M2 with a couple more rows of quilting on the upper arm.You can email us and maybe we do that..
Channel quilting? It's right there!
Welcome to the family the DR4 and M2! Note that the quilting on these samples will be padded a bit more so they'll look like the quilting on the TOJ's as seen here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/i.toj-gallery.com/u8ciwar0dydnffsffcno.jpg DR4 M2
In time February!1. It's going to take a lot longer for those characteristics to appear on the goatskin.2. Nope, the calf suede is a thinner and lighter.If you look in the 2011 moto section or the other double riders' sections, you can get an idea of how calf suede looks on a jacket.
If you're wondering why we skipped DR4... that's coming shortly too And M2.
For those that are wondering.. that is the DR5. Available with a single pocket or double pocket (as shown) on the right side. Available with rear-facing or front-facing zippers. Will officially be available once we launch our site. But if you want to jump the gun, shoot me an email.
New Posts  All Forums: