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See, when people quote him, it defeats the whole purpose of my block
Probably. I bitched out earlier and didn't finish a whole 8 piece from Popeye's. Ate the fries and all the biscuits but left one of the thighs just hanging out on the plate. I don't even deserve to get jacked and tanned.
I'm also, nearly 6' tall. I'm pretty much anorexic.
Nah, I'm tiny. srs.
Everyone in here must be huge and/or shredded.
@Eason, one final thing. Try bringing in your stance just an inch on both sides and then point your toes out slightly more. Not a lot.. just maybe 5 degree.
I mean besides the vids of you touching yourself.
Keep me updated with weekly vids.
Drop the supps, work on your diet.
Yea, a lot of phgtry going on and not enough squats.
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