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Well probably not block.. but label the email chain as "annoying dude that emails every 5-10 minutes"
Pretty quick way to get me to block your email address if you ask me.
They're just rubber bands. Get the cheapest you can find.
I'd say about half. Unless you're using slin, you won't have amazing superhuman protein utilization on as opposed to off.
I tried going down to 200g once. Didn't like it. Maybe it was too big of a swing.
We can all read all the studies. I mean, they're fun to read. I get it. I like to read them too. But at the end of the day, do whatever works!
Whoever recommends I eat 160 grams of protein while I walk around 230+ is someone I don't want to be taking advice from tbh. Not about a diet for powerlifting at least. Are you by chance, getting your info from here: http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=6442477918 ?
Training/rest day calories and macros are about the same. About 350g protein, 400g carbs, 150g fats.Yep, I have. I get flatter looking but worst of all, my recovery from session to session suffers.Man, my girlfriend eats more than 160g protein in a day and she's 150 pounds.The moment I had her bump up her protein and lower her fats/carbs while still maintaining the same amt of calories, she started getting leaner and stronger. Progressed faster and recovered faster between...
350g/day crew
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