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I drank Andre sparkling wine last week. Not sure if I could name a $500 bottle of champagne if someone asked me. I got really sad when my $30 bottle of Bulliet went empty last weekend.I work in an cubicle and hope to one day have an office. Upper management dreams!I'm a very stable, happy long-term relationship.I think everyone's safe.. for now.
The designs were conceived with all our heads in it.How do you propose Drew would take "legal action" against us? "I want to press charges on these two guys... oh btw, I scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars off of people online and am evading the IRS"Or do you propose that Drew approaches me directly and asks/tells me to stop using HIS designs? This is would an alright approach if it didn't end up with Drew on the ground with a few broken bones.Negotiating deals? wat....
Just a couple quick snaps from Daniel on his instagram of customers' jackets!
Dark olive, whiskey, and medium gray lamb suedes options added to the site! Also, Gore-tex anorak is coming along. Should have something to show you in a couple weeks. Look out for a reversible jacket of some sort also.
Sample Sale Measurements are approximates. Do NOT PM me. If you're interested, email us at sales@falcongarmentsco.com. 1. MA1 in black lambskin - $550 shipped US No shoulder gussets. Fits like a 48. Shoulder - 17.75" Chest - 21" Front length - 22.75" Sleeve length - 26" 2. DR2 in black lambskin - $550 shipped US Fits like a short 52. Shoulder - 19" Chest - 23" Front length - 21" Sleeve length - 24"
It can be made in any of the hides. Just contact us if you're interested.
Gray still available. Waiting on Daniel to get me swatches so we can upload them to the site!
T1 is now live and available to order.http://falcongarmentsco.com/product/t1/Design will be the same from before.
Updates Just a few quick updates.. Currently working on the following: Anorak Chesterfield Greatcoat T1 Mackintosh Trench a simple leather/suede ribbed jacket reversible jacket of some sort Not sure how many of these will actually make it to F/W but I'm hoping to have them available. Also, silver Riri zippers are now available on black hides for $50.
Ordered a bunch of Luxire pants but they're too small for me. Brand new, never worn. All prices are 75% of what I paid for them. Prices include shipping within CONUS. 1. Black Twill Soft Chino - $75: http://custom.luxire.com/products/black-twill-soft-chino Front Pleats: Single Pleat Forward Front Pockets: Slant Fly Style: Zip Front Closure: Standard Extended Closure Waist Band: Side Metal Adjustors Rear Pockets: 2 Rear Pockets - NO Buttons Lining: No Lining Bottom...
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