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Let's just say that I, personally, could not trust Drew in a business-capacity with all the lies I've been fed.
So when's this contest?
Fortis Fitness in Toronto. Was visiting my friend (Jordan Moffitt - fellow powerlifter) there and he introduced me to Omar.
I haven't seen any recent pics of you. Post! NOW!But really, if you're 230 and lean, then yea you're bigger than Omar.But Omar is bigger than everyone else in here lolChatted with him for a bit in person last week and he's definitely a bit bigger looking in person than on camera.
I'm pretty sure Omar is bigger than anyone in here minus me and Kunk lol
You and me both.It's gone from upsetting to depressing to I don't know what.. watching people wait years for a jacket.
What? Am I not allowed to play?
Really though, my girlfriend cuts on 2k. You guys are doing it wrong.
~2k cals.. are you guys pulling a Bruce Jenner?
Not to mention quiet =/= gaming
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