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Yep, for those that want a simpler back and don't really care for the extra mobility gussets may allow.
Nope. Just silver (one-way main zipper) and black (two-way main zipper).
This is true. If leather jackets are anything like cool cars, clothed men will approach you more than any other type of people.
Replaced with two interior vertical zipped pockets.I found them easier to use and stuff doesn't fall out when naked women tear your jacket off you and throw it on the ground lol
Yep, lambskin!
I hope everyone forgives the quality of the photos and if the jacket is laid out floppy. They were just quickly taken. Will have better quality photos in the coming weeks.
A few photos coming soon. Very soon.
Just wanted to thank all the people that put in the initial orders. These jackets should be done in the next 2-4 weeks. Orders are still not at max capacity yet, please feel free to send emails with inquiries.
Thanks! I updated it for a tiny bit more clarity.
Yep, they would have to go MTM route.We can make any of the models really.
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