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Nope. Everyone.Perma-bulk.. but going to only hover 195-200?.... I don't understand.
Man, you guys really like to overthink some things.
I don't really do any of the main three with chains or bands. Once in a while I'll throw bands on the bench but I haven't used bands on the squat and deadlift for a while. The only movement I do with bands consistently is db goodmornings.About 20 weeks out from a meet to about 6 weeks out, I'll do speed work for all three lifts. With about 50-60% of my 1RM.You can never work your core too much!
I'd just work on core strength and beefing up that back, and also try to push your knees out slightly more on the descent so that your hips are closer to your center of gravity, so that you can have a more vertical back.Those are some really nice improvements. Dropped like 25 pounds, and hitting near your 1rm for a triple only 5 months later. I wish I had that kind of improvement.
Nah, his form don't look awful. A few things that needs fixing. But far from "awful."
Well if you want to compare the amount of alcohol in a liquor (80proof) vs beer (regular/avg beer)...A can of regular beer vs a jigger of liquor has pretty much identical amounts of alcohol.And if you're worried about amt of alcohol consumption, it doesn't matter at all.And unless you're talking about a high abv beer, a "drink" (jigger's worth) of liquor actually has about 2/3 the amount of calories as a can of regular beer (and near identical amt of calories as a light...
Did you vomit?
I disagree.. douchebag with big arms in tapout shirt is pretty much bottom of the barrel.
Wait.. really? You're on potato prop? o_O
I usually smash, stretch, smash, stretch, smash, stretch.. until I get bored. So I guess the order doesn't really matter.
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