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Riri two-way zipper option has been added to the site
Unfortunately, you're too tall and pretty!
Also, the model on our site is 6' and 120 pounds or something. So, not the best model to showcase fit. The new shoot we're doing with Pat Furey will have a model that fits into our samples, to give a better idea of how stock sizes fit. But to echo what cycwidit said, "MTM!!!!"
Daniel won't be in town long enough to do a Philly and NYC meetup.Luckily, you NYC guys can take a train down to Philly for next to nothing!
Hey guys! So the meetup will be October 22 or 23rd. Most likely the 23rd, a Sunday. Please let us know via email if you are interested in coming. Thanks!
Hey Pat! See you later today!!!
If you are interested in a meetup for measurements, questions, swatches, etc, in November (likely on a Saturday before or after Thanksgiving), please email us at sales@falcongarmentsco.com. Please include any swatches you would like to see if that was your purpose. Thanks!
Sure, fly me and Daniel out there! lol
Medium gray and dark gray lambskins live on the site. Also, navy goatskin!
As long as we get a few weeks heads up of what swatches you want to see.
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