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A real shearling piece would cost far too much.. easily $2k+
Baseball jacket will most likely stay dead. No revival for that piece in our plans.
I believe Daniel is putting in the samples for those next week.Btw guys, V2 (aka Winter Varsity) will probably be dropping next week. Look for quilted lining and melton wool.
It involves taking the whole zipper tape off if you want to do it the right way.
Still not something we'd want to take on. Plus, it'd be much cheaper for you to find a local tailor to do this for you. Shipping both ways plus labor would be easily over $100.Yelp is your friend to find a skilled tailor that could help you out.
We don't have 2-way zippers.
Please keep these discussions in the Markerplace - not here. Thanks.
I think Sally/Daniel doing a shipment in the next few hours. You should be getting a tracking number in the next day or so.
Kind of both. About 1-2 shipping days per week.Yep, most definitely
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