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Daniel on his shipping day!
Sorry, we've been swamped with orders. I mean, a good problem to have I guess!Eqaulets for sure!
Yep, very similar. We even have a couple shades.
Sure can!
Ding ding ding!And yes, it will pick up oils from your skin and tan from the sun.
Daniel just sent out a Raw Leather DR
Why does everyone look so great in our jackets but I just look like a frumpy ass hoe in mine?
Perfect fit on you @Wanderlust3!
We're going to reintroduce a customer photo gallery of some sorts again. They'll be on their own page.
We have synthetic ribbing available. it's not as nice obviously, but it's available if anyone wants it.We can make the baseball jacket as an one-off item if you'd like. But neither Daniel and I care for it much, so it won't be a staple item on our list.If you're interested in that colorway, email me.Working on that at the moment.That would be nice but it probably won't happen for a while. It's a lot of money to do a quality photo shoot with all the jackets we have. Which...
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