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Sorry for not responding to emails the past few days. I've been in the ER and hospital since Tuesday morning. I'll be out tmrw morning hopefully and I'll respond to everyone then.
That's a mighty manly stache you got there Envious
A bunch of you should've gotten tracking numbers. If you ordered a few weeks ago and haven't, you will receive a tracking number on Wednesday when the rest of the jackets ship. Btw, we have about 5 spots or so open for A1/A2/CWU45/MA1/Varsity, if anyone wants to jump in the line and have their jackets in 2-4 weeks time.
Luckily for you guys (and us), once we take your order/payment, the jacket enters the queue usually that same day or the following day.In other words, can't make changes
We're working on that
Daniel is keeping an eye on it now so nothing to worry about. Lambskin will be the thick, soft variety you are familiar with.Btw, we will start getting some help from our good friend Sally, so this will give Daniel more time to do some sourcing for you guys.Be on the look out for colored calfskins, calf suedes, and lamb suedes.Also, belted DR coming soon. Will be available with or without the belt/belt loops.
Heads up! Everyone the wait list should have gotten a notification to send over payment by now. If you haven't, please let me know. This also means that the wait list is pretty clear for the riders and motos. And the A1/A2/CWU45/MA1/Varsity has room on the order queue, so if you're eyeing any of those jackets, I can put you into production asap. Only a few spots left!
Yea, for convenience factor.
The silver ones were just for the samples. The black ones operate MUCH smoother and doesn't poke your chest
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