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Beautiful Polo sport coat with a brown and tan houndstooth pattern and a subtle medium brown windowpane. This jacket was made in Italy and comes new with all tags and spare buttons. 100% flax, single vent, two flap patch pockets at the hips and one patch pocket at the chest. Fully lined. Beautiful detailing at the collar. Asking $260 shipped in CONUS. All measurement approximate. I apologize if the photos are terrible. Size: 44R Shoulders: 19" Chest: 22.25" Length (from...
It's really difficult to offer a ton of advice based on those pictures. As a bit of general advice: It's certainly easy to adjust sleeve length, but you should really try to get a good fit in the shoulders off the rack.
Apologies for the picture quality, but I was trying to snap them quickly as I cleaned out my storage. I've lost a lot of weight over the last year and have a bunch of stuff that will not fit me. All clothes were kept in either a smoke-free cedar closet or vacuum-sealed garment bags. Everything (except the shirts and shoes) are new with tags and in flawless condition. No irregular items, etc. I am happy to answer all questions and can take more pictures of any piece you are...
@blank That top strap uses what is called a "deployant" (or, if you're a hippie, "deployment") clasp whereas that second (beautiful) watch uses a tang buckle. In my experience, my straps tend to last longer on a deployant, but either type is fine. I don't own any Hamilton's, so I can't tell you which type of strap they come with.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus What about the one at Tyson's Corner in VA? Don't know about Tyson's Corner, but the DC ones were well stocked as of yesterday.
In my grad school's career development programs we were consistently told not to wear club-style ties to interviews. I would assume that this advice should also carry over into early employment. Once you've got your bearings at your office, feel free to wear any of the above ties if you're comfortable with them.
Time to resurrect a severely old thread... I've got a RTW suit that is okay, but could really use some alterations to look just right. Particularly, I'd like to shorten the sleeves a bit and take in some of the waist on the jacket. With Mr. Fields passing away and Sauro retired, where is a Washingtonian to go?
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