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^Yeah that might be the case, but I adjusted my measurements and we'll see what I get. It doesn't make sense that a custom suiting company doesn't let you get a custom "fit" to your suit. How is that any different than getting OTR then? I don't want to complain too much until I get my remake and see what they can do. Also, $75 credit applies to remakes too, right? I will apply it to getting my pants tapered.
What about like bicep/thigh circumference measurements?
Buying from Indochino can be frustrating because there is so little information with regards to the details of how their remake/alterations process works, mailing back, Customs, etc. on the internet. Sure you can read 100 pages of this thread and see a lot of people b!#ching about them, but it's very discouraging for people trying them out because there is no shared repertoire of "insider knowledge". To add my contribution, Angie @ Indochino says: reduce...
Here are a couple close-ups for those of yall interested in fabric quality. Is this supposed to be pressed this way, or did the tailor not even finish pressing my lapel? It doesn't lay flat properly... Working buttonholes are cool, but not when the sleeves are too short and you have thread coming out
Yes, they changed the measurements, at least twice from what I can tell. The day it got sent to tailor, they increased my waist 2" and pants length 3". I screenshotted their adjusted measurements that day, and compared them to my own record of what I submitted. Then, today, when I received the suit, I checked my measurements again, and lo and behold, some of the measurements were changed AGAIN. The pants length got extended another 1/4", wrist, bicep etc. got bigger,...
OK I have received my suit, and will post pictures when I get a chance. Let me say: 1. the fit is atrocious. HORRIBLE. Everything came a couple inches larger than expected. 2. the quality is questionable. I have threads popping out all over the place. I will be applying for a re-make but I need you guys' help: When adjusting a measurement, such as for "BICEP SIZE", say you want the sleeves 1 inch slimmer in CIRCUMFERENCE, do you do -1" on their site, or do you...
^You can see the pictures on LorenzL's blog. General consensus is yes they are slim and some have reported the thighs being too tight. If you are referring to "taper" below the knee, probably not as "skinny" as say a pair of skinny jeans, but you can apply your tailoring credit towards that if you wish. My suit should be here early next week, will post pics.
What about alterations? I would like to get shirts slimmed and possibly hemmed shorter. Any estimates of how much this might run me in Philly? I would honestly favor price over quality, I'm a student and my shirts aren't worth enough to justify expensive tailoring. @dopamine: you a Penn student?
AFAIK nothing can be stacked for Indochino. Also, even if I got a good deal I would probably not buy a Groupon off someone else since technically by the legal terms, it is only valid for the person who purchased it and whose name appears on the Groupon itself. Not saying it won't work, but Indochino could easily invalidate your credit.
^one of those "custom tailor" eBay sellers based in Hong Kong. There are others based in India that do custom leather jackets for ~$150. I wouldn't be surprised if Indochino was having their work done by tailors of similar expertise. That would explain how they can afford to guarantee remakes.
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