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Quote: Originally Posted by sharkw GloStiX, that's a pretty awesome slim-fitting suit for $60, even if the material's crap! Can you tell me which ebay seller you got the suit from? Thanks! I forget the seller name (it was weird) but if you eBay search for "custom tailor suit" or something like that you will find tons of listings by them: shirts, vests, suits. Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon are you a...
^You can upload pics to Tinypic.com and directly hotlink with the [IMG] tags on this forum. Also, fxnl buttonholes don't necc. "look better", they're just a custom quirk you can show off. I also realized yes you can get them on your 1st suit now thru the "Advanced Customization Options" link.
Is it possible to get the pants without front pockets? I don't want them to flare out
I didn't mention the $60 suit is horrible synthetic fabric, pants waistband made of literally cardboard or something. It's something you can have stuff spilled on and not worry about. But as far as Indochino, I would also like to know if anyone has chosen the "muscular chest" option and what that does exactly? More V-taper? But chest and waist measurements are fixed.
I am going to order soon, and anticipate having to get a remake. I feel bad that I have to do this, but should I put in my true measurements, see what Indochino sends me, and go from there? Their policy is that you have to request a remake within 14 (?) days of them sending the suit. So you have to receive it, take it to a tailor for a quote, and notify them in that time frame? Or can you request a remake without a tailor's quote? Can I make any special...
^Those are sunglasses silly Don't you get to specify the size? I am assuming these are custom made to your foot measurements, are they?
I have noticed Indochino has changed the fit on their models. They used to look extremely fashion-forward and skinny, now they are looser (see pant legs) and boxier (see sleeves, torso shape). Personally I don't like the change but I can see how it might appeal to a wider audience.
Absolutely awesome!
If you're a student on a budget and have an excellent physique you can try ordering Korean shirts on the internet. They often accommodate a nice 8-9" drop. Quality on par with H&M/Zara/Club Monaco/etc. but these shirts cost me about $12 each shipped. Fit great without tailoring.
Is it possible to apply the beeswax yourself? It's a rugged-looking shoe anyway, I could care less if it didn't look smooth as a baby's bottom.
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