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Let us know how that MySuit4Less thing goes... I had an Asian tailor make me a suit via eBay for ~$100, it fit great but the quality just isn't there. Zero chest padding, cardboard "basting" (?) in the pants waist instead of a waistband, etc. I'm currently awaiting an Indochino re-make, I will post pics when it arrives and compare to my first suit from them..
I have to admit I just purchased a pair of Aldos http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/men/shoe...-castilleja/97 But I was aware of their quality and better options second-hand from AE, etc. However, what did it for me was a) the elf shoe style - I wanted something slim and sleek b) the fit - my feet are slightly wide, most Aldos are narrow, but these ones were not This creates a whole dilemma, wide feet, pointy shoe--how not to look ridiculous? They seemed to balance...
One time my wife said "I hope our dog poops on your vault of gold bricks!" Yeah bro, I keep each brick in its own Hermes birkin "dustbag" in my closet, worth $20,000,000. How's that for overpriced black dogs, or barking blacks, or whatever they call chocolate labradors these days. WHY DOES THIS EPEEN THREAD EVEN EXIST?
Students, young slim guys, athletic builds, etc. have yall tried Express's new "Extra Slim Fit" shirts? NOT just "Fitted". I called up stores and they didn't even have a clue, but it's on their site. The purchaser reviews say it's great, but then again Express probably filters the reviews that show up, so I want a more honest opinion. Wait for a sale, use one of their $15 off 50 or $25 off 70 etc. coupons, and you could probably get them for $20/ea.
EDIT: found it.
LOL typical sense of entitlement of kids these days. Just wait 'til 90% of them are slaving away at their unfulfilling 9-5 "careers".
He made $4B re-selling suits? WTF. Most expensive store in the world, how much are his suits? Like $10,000? Who would pay that for a St. Andrew's suit they could get for much cheaper through other retailers, or just get bespoke? I don't get what is going on here, are his prices simply driving up hype that makes stupid people buy over-priced stuff from him?
Newb here: 1. When getting bespoke shoes, is the last a "house style" or is it custom-made to your foot's proportions? 2. What is the general price range for entry level up to top tier bespoke shoes (from any maker)?
ITT: old men jelly and ragin' cuz they jacket sag even lower than they azz Who wear's short shorts?
^Yeah that might be the case, but I adjusted my measurements and we'll see what I get. It doesn't make sense that a custom suiting company doesn't let you get a custom "fit" to your suit. How is that any different than getting OTR then? I don't want to complain too much until I get my remake and see what they can do. Also, $75 credit applies to remakes too, right? I will apply it to getting my pants tapered.
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