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36R and S should have the same shoulders are you srs or are you a f'in troll? gb2 4chan
Angie contacted me back and assured me they are dedicated to helping customers achieve the perfect fit, so they will give it another go with their "master tailor" personally looking at my comments and an Excel spreadsheet I made with all my measurements on previous orders and how they fit, specific quality issues I had, etc. Someone posted that they got a $4M investment infusion and this may help with quality--I hope this is true.
OK so I got a 2nd re-make from Indochino a while back, and it came totally unwearable. The hips/thigh were so tight you could see my privates... The measurements were inexplicably changed after I confirmed them via e-mail to Angie, and some measurements which were inexplicably changed to a larger spec arrived SMALLER than the previous garment with smaller spec. Today I decided to measure the sleeve just for kicks because I was wondering why it seemed so long. Turns out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse With MT, the shoulder measurement is secondary to the yoke, so as long you provide a valid yoke measurement, they won't take the shoulder into account when making the shirt. They have a guide on their website that explains each of the measurements they use. What if my shoulder seam is also too close to my neck, making my shoulders look bulging/rounded? Surely then I wouldn't want to increase yoke more,...
In some parts of the country, wearing more than mesh basketball shorts and a tee shirt gets your sexuality questioned.
^They e-mailed me my coupon code, and agreed to apply it to my existing order.
Do you guys know how the Facebook Like 20% coupon works? I "Liked" them and subscribed to their e-mail list, but I did not get e-mailed my coupon code. I already placed/paid an order, you think they'd let me apply it?
I definitely would like to order more, but I take it they purposely offer no plain white fabrics below $60?
I got my $20 shirt today, first try measured off some cheap Korean shirt, I think my ModernTailor product came out beautifully. The lining/interfacing of the cuffs and collar do feel flimsy (I don't know why ppl say it's too stiff?), and I will be tweaking my measurements a little, but overall it was great. Lots of you complained about poofy sleeves, but mine came out very slim: I am 5'7" 125lb. 37chest 28waist for reference
So I got my 2nd re-make from Indochino. They made some of the changes I asked for, but overall the issue was CONSISTENCY. Their tailor changed some of my requested re-make measurements, for no apparent reason! Maybe they thought I wanted it too tight, but no, some of their changes made it even slimmer (knees, wrist). The bicep got increased randomly, and so did the thigh measurement. The thigh went from 17.25" --> 17.75" (did not request that), but, the '17.75'...
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