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Yes I really don't know what's going on. That was the exact reason for the second-most-recent remake as well. Some of the measurement changes seemed illogical too, where they would expand the bicep but shrink the wrist, or shrink the thigh and expand the knee. No, I don't have tumors. As a previous poster brought up, I wonder if it is to cover up sloppiness in the manufacturing process, and just pump out clothes faster, then fudge the numbers to match, plus or minus a...
Who's Aili? Link plz? I'll have to go elsewhere to find a suit because Indochino officially gave up on me, and they told me to go ask Groupon for a refund instead of crediting my Groupon code again (I guess to prevent me from ordering in the future). I can understand, but it's their own fault. Their tailors keep changing measurements after the customer goes through multiple remakes to get measurements down.
@Beatlejoose: that remake looks excellent. Did they follow your exact adjustments on the remake, or did they change it up a little again? I'm curious if they only follow your spec on the first remake and assume future orders are new suits.
Quote in e-mail from Indochino regarding inexplicable adjustments to your measurements: I am sorry, I am unable to guarantee the measurements will not be altered as this is a part of the tailoring process. For example, I requested arms thinner on my remake. Their "tailoring process" made them even wider on the next suit. So... what's the point of tailoring again? Or "custom suiting" in general? This philosophy goes against the entire purpose of...
My THIRD remake, with specification "Please do not change these measurements" because their tailors keep changing them inexplicably, messing stuff up. Well, guess what--the tailor changed my measurements! Expanded arm, wrist, thigh, and knee, inexplicably. Now I have tree trunk arms on a really slim suit. Also, one of my pants pockets was messed up in the sewing process and they accidentally attached the inside of the pocket to the lining, or where the lining is...
I think that is a great fit. Besides the trouser hem, I don't see much that could be improved for an online MTM suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse Yeah, the shoulder fits really well now, but only because my tailor completely reshaped them from what Indochino sent me. He added a thin shoulder pad and changed the roped shoulder to standard flat ones....not sure if that's the correct terminology, but the shoulder is no longer roped, and it lays flat at the point where the top of the sleeve meets the edge of the shoulder. Sounds good. Before and after...
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I have to agree. There is no reason to pay ~$70 for shipping a suit. It should be more like ~$20 Return in the same box, do USPS First Class, should be $13-20 depending on how much fabric is in there (weight). I got a quote from UPS just for kicks when I was mailing mine back--for it to arrive the NEXT DAY woulda cost only $18 (from New England). How in the f'ing world did he run up a $70 shipping fee?
36R and S should have the same shoulders are you srs or are you a f'in troll? gb2 4chan
Angie contacted me back and assured me they are dedicated to helping customers achieve the perfect fit, so they will give it another go with their "master tailor" personally looking at my comments and an Excel spreadsheet I made with all my measurements on previous orders and how they fit, specific quality issues I had, etc. Someone posted that they got a $4M investment infusion and this may help with quality--I hope this is true.
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