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In some parts of the country, wearing more than mesh basketball shorts and a tee shirt gets your sexuality questioned.
So I got my 2nd re-make from Indochino. They made some of the changes I asked for, but overall the issue was CONSISTENCY. Their tailor changed some of my requested re-make measurements, for no apparent reason! Maybe they thought I wanted it too tight, but no, some of their changes made it even slimmer (knees, wrist). The bicep got increased randomly, and so did the thigh measurement. The thigh went from 17.25" --> 17.75" (did not request that), but, the '17.75'...
^Hmm, very interesting. You should take some pics, it would be useful in communicating to Indochino as well. I think we're on to something here. Is one of their tailors consistently doing something wrong, the same way on every suit? Indochino should pay us for free trouble-shooting
@Beetlejuice: I hope I don't ruin your love for your new suit, but man, did you see that chest funkiness goin on? The reason I pointed this out is because my re-make came with the exact same problem, on the exact same side of the suit! Was fine on the other side, just like yours. we probably got the same tailor, who did the same thing. It's like a ripple of the fabric which doesn't lay flat, and pinches into the right (left side of photo) armpit as well. I...
^Fingers crossed for now. When I get the next suit I will review and post pics. In my original e-mails to Indochino, I had written about StyleForum's 77,000 members and how I wanted to share with you all a positive review of them, so let's hope we can make that happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by angieindochino Can you please email us again to info@indochino.com. I have looked through our recent emails and cannot find your email. I am very sorry for this. Thanks, Angie Angie, I have e-mailed it to you again, from a different e-mail address this time, with photo attachments of the suit. Subject line is "Order #48194".
So I have learned the dark side of Indochino: if you are not happy with your remake, they will give up on you as a profitable customer. My remake came with many issues, from manufacturing defects to fit issues and incorrectly-tailored specifications. After the arrival of my remake, and many attempts to communicate with IC "Concierge" (customer service, I believe it's only Angie), they completely ignored me and ignored my re-make request. I used to get e-mail responses...
For those who have applied for remakes, how long does it take to get an e-mail confirmation? I applied for a re-make the day I received it, and I have not received a confirmation 2 days later. I e-mailed Angie about it as well, with an explanation of why I needed a re-make and the issues I was having with the suit. No response for 2 days either. Their site says they respond to customers within 24 hours. I have read in this thread where they tried to play games with...
How easy is it to tailor wool? Like shortening the sleeves
It varies so much from maker to maker, and also style of the shoe. I was looking at a pair of AE's on eBay, size 8 is 12 inches long... haha
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