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That's a pretty good fit. Where is it from?What you want is called "open quarters"
Anyone who has been here less than 2 years auto-ban plz. I'm sick of the spam advertisement viral fail-marketing.
I'm between half sizes of Chippewa GQs. I figure leather stretches out with time so slightly tight when brand new is OK. But then I read that toeboxes will NOT stretch and I SHOULD have some heel slippage when brand new. So: for leather workboots, is it better to have them smaller or larger right out of the box?
22" thigh is understandable on a slim guy, I'm short and slim and have pants made with ~20" thigh, actual thigh 19". The hem though... I don't know how you slip your foot through that. Don't let the overweight middle-aged jealousy get to you... keep rocking that sh!t skintight. It may be bad tailoring or an insult to the "heritage" or "tradition" or whatever pompous way in which you want to describe tailored clothing, but the girls love it. For now at least.
Silly dog, this is Freedomland™, where people who earn 40k spend like they earn 400k. Those who actually earn 400k... well they just get more cocaine and hookers
I am eager to see some finished products from their new digital cutting production system. I had a horrible experience with them back in the day, and I know they had just as frustrating of an experience with me. Every remake they tried to correct one thing but messed up 2 others. Eventually it came down to: here take your money back, GTFO. Can't blame them, but they need to blame their tailors. There was an extreme level of inconsistency in everything from different...
20 y/o, prefer 8"-9" rise on my custom suits. A lot of fashion forward young mens' jeans these days are b/w 6-8" rise, so 8" on a suit isn't even bad... Also, I'm 5'7", so I prefer stuff to be proportionally adjusted, so low rise is a big plus for me. I'd rather not look like I have a huge s*** hanging from a diaper that I'm wearing inside my suit. And let us not forget that the pre-requisite to wearing skinny/low-rise suits is that one ought to possess a lean/athletic...
I am 5'7", wear sz 9-9.5 depending on brand, prefer leg openings around 6-7". It depends on how fat your cankles are, not how big your feet and other appendages are.
Yall may be unimpressed, but that's all I've been looking for: a clean plaintoe with a sleek shape and good quality. I've had to resort to Aldo and the like for a plain dress shoe with a fashion-forward (not clunky/chunky or fat) silhouette, but we all know about Aldo's quality...
Any info about this brand? Or their manufacturer?
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