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Made about 5 orders from MT so far. Been working out so I have to change the fit a bit. 1. Has the sleeve angle been resolved? 2. SF affiliate discount: does it work?
They have a Groupon going: pay $35 for $90 credit. Some of their site stylistic elements remind me a lot of Indochino. Except Modasuite's "Perfect Fit Gaurantee" does not include remakes--alterations only. Is this related in any way to Indochino? They are also based in Canada.
^That's what they told me, but yea if any of yall get an explicit answer to that via e-mail, share it here and we'll try to decipher it.
^Could be a lot of reasons, including body type. @dsc: I believe you need a little larger in the chest, but most importantly more fabric on the front (chest) as opposed to the back of the shirt, i.e. adjust the ratio of the total allotted chest circumference with respect to the front/rear faces of the shirt. If this is true, you may need to select a different body type, such as "Athletic". According to their e-mail support, they said this would put more fabric on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by viator What more is there? For the poor and the young, and demanding of fit, I honestly don't mind the mediocre quality as long as the shirt isn't falling apart. The alternative is H&M... Quote: Originally Posted by david123 My impression had been that these choices don't do anything when you specify shirt measurements, and are at most perhaps for making sure you didn't enter crazy numbers you...
I just got my 3rd MT order, and I have to say I'm very pleased. I realize a lot of you guys have been having quality issues, and I can attest to the fact that quality of fabric and manufacture (buttons falling off, etc.) are not MT's strongest point. However, with this order I think I've finally nailed the fit. This is after many issues with their standard fit: bagginess in the lower back, bagginess in the yoke (bat-wing effect). While I could still take in the lower...
I don't think so, but I have yet to receive my first darted MT shirt. My previous MT shirts had specs of 41cm waist, and the waist always measured exactly 41cm. However, bagginess was present in the lower back due to the way they have teh shirt fabric flare out again towards the hip. I assume darts will reduce that bagginess but will not change the waist measurement itself.
Yes I really don't know what's going on. That was the exact reason for the second-most-recent remake as well. Some of the measurement changes seemed illogical too, where they would expand the bicep but shrink the wrist, or shrink the thigh and expand the knee. No, I don't have tumors. As a previous poster brought up, I wonder if it is to cover up sloppiness in the manufacturing process, and just pump out clothes faster, then fudge the numbers to match, plus or minus a...
Who's Aili? Link plz? I'll have to go elsewhere to find a suit because Indochino officially gave up on me, and they told me to go ask Groupon for a refund instead of crediting my Groupon code again (I guess to prevent me from ordering in the future). I can understand, but it's their own fault. Their tailors keep changing measurements after the customer goes through multiple remakes to get measurements down.
@Beatlejoose: that remake looks excellent. Did they follow your exact adjustments on the remake, or did they change it up a little again? I'm curious if they only follow your spec on the first remake and assume future orders are new suits.
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