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Very specific question for the experts here:   Jacket has too much skirt flare. Red = problem area, gap between hip width and jacket hip. Green = the contour I want to achieve. It looks much more severe in person, because this picture is taken from top-down angle so it enhances chest width and gives the illusion that the hips aren't as wide as they are. In real life it looks like a tutu!   My question is: how do I fix this? Which seam should I (or my tailor,...
I owned a Washington for less than 24 hours. My overall assessment of SS: jackets too long, sleeves too short. Seems to be a common issue with SS customer fitment.
5'7" 125lb. 36" chest 29" waist Ordered Washington in 32R. Will post pics after I receive it. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much tailoring might cost? I'm scared the cost of tailoring will be half the suit. -take in jacket waist -shorten jacket 1" -lengthen sleeves 1" -add 1 buttonhole each arm -taper pant legs (going for that "meggings" look ) -hem pants
According to a sales associate: the Blue Line Napoli fit is a different fit than the standard Napoli, it is slimmer. Can anyone here confirm/deny?
H&M $15 for their limited patterns/solids made in cotton/poly mix, $30-50 for the thicker pure cotton ones.
Another major reason why this died down is because their prices went up to the point that we have many other options in the $500-$800 range, including at least half-canvassed construction, and savvy StyleForum dudes are choosing those other options.
Found at Saks Off 5th: Saks Fifth Avenue RED line and BLACK line suits. Some have Zegna fabric. Specifically I just picked up this: and want to know what the heck it is (a suit, I know), worth it or should I return, etc. I'm a young professional student who wears suits only a few times a year but I'd rather get something nicer than Macy's/H&M/etc. and don't want to go MTM.
Raised price makes Indochino even more "not worth it".
Want to confirm some things: What is their smallest size: 34S, 36S? What is their tightest fit: Washington? I am seeking the absolute smallest suit they make, non-MTM.
What about tailoring/fit techniques to get a suit as slim as possible but still allow movement? For example I noticed if I have my shirt sleeves or jacket sleeves too slim it hurts to bend my arm all the way. Yet I will endure some discomfort for a good fit and since I usually don't bend my arms 100% of the way up anyway in day-to-day activities.
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