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Kotu I'm in a similar situation. I'm about the same build as you, 5'7" 125. I tried on a 34R in the H&M store, still too long for me, but I'm a 37 in the chest so I got a 36R and had it shortened. I bought pants separately, and actually had to size up 3 inches to 32 since they are so slim. Overall, I have the same complaints as you do. Pants fit alright, suit's alright too but armholes are huge and the suit is still wide and I don't like how much it flares out under...
A HUGE new shopping center opened within the past year called "Town Square," a little farther farther off The Strip (towards Fry's) with lots of shops. If you're into it, there's a giant H&M with all the discount clothes you could want, more selection than the total of all the H&M's in Philly (current residence). There's also a Nordstrom's Rack in Henderson, something else I'm missing.
LOL will that shit was so cash. if i ever get around to doing this on my $50 H&M polyester blazer i'll post a pic so you all can RAGE at me
like paper bills folded up to make a pocket square design P.S. this is only for novelty purposes, and maybe an emergency fund to foot the bill at a bar if i happen to lose my wallet (or consciousness)
I'm sure this has been done before by some pimps and rappers and such, but I can't find any instructions on Google. Any ideas? Thanks.
The low-end H&M suits are also 70% polyester 30% rayon. Is there anything horrible about this material? I'm a poor college student so I really don't mind all the details that the more sartorially educated or refined obsess over--as long as the garment doesn't fall apart. @blah23: can you confirm that your blazer has high/tight armholes? They don't have a store I could try one out in, and they don't do returns! lol the "shop" is a Hotmail address to PayPal cash to.
There was a kit to build your own Panerai 111 style watch with no markings somewhere on the internet for less than $150 if I recall correctly. High quality Unitas movement that IWI Marine Diver uses, comes with all the tools and a leather strap.
I'm also interested in them, found some on eBay for $170. Looks like they have higher armholes than H&M's slim fit suits, wonder if they have any retailers in the states?
OP is def. a troll
Quote: Originally Posted by mattyb124 Your 115 lbs and you wear a 32 waist? That seems a little odd considering im 180lbs and wear a 34 waist. well mr. bodybuilder V-torso, not all of us are as fortunate as you i just picked up a cheap slim fit 36R H&M suit (polyester/rayon, but with tailoring it was <$100... good enough for a poor student who might wear it once a year) and i had to get pants in 32 (i am a 29) just because they are way too...
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