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I'm also interested in them, found some on eBay for $170. Looks like they have higher armholes than H&M's slim fit suits, wonder if they have any retailers in the states?
OP is def. a troll
Quote: Originally Posted by mattyb124 Your 115 lbs and you wear a 32 waist? That seems a little odd considering im 180lbs and wear a 34 waist. well mr. bodybuilder V-torso, not all of us are as fortunate as you i just picked up a cheap slim fit 36R H&M suit (polyester/rayon, but with tailoring it was <$100... good enough for a poor student who might wear it once a year) and i had to get pants in 32 (i am a 29) just because they are way too...
5'7" 125lb., I tried a 36R (with 30R pants) but found it a tad long and the waist area to bulge out too much, disproportionate with my trousers. I noticed that a lot of ppl on SF talk about the 34R that they sell, is this why? I guess I could either look for a smaller size jacket or size up on the pants?
^LOL first time I've seen a spam bot on SF, and it's in my thread. I'll look into MJ and buying kids sizes; I am a 'kid'. 5'7" 125, I'll try heated wash/dry shrinking an H&M medium polo if I can find one, that seemed to work well with their T shirts.
Thanks guys. I'm actually in Philadelphia, and I just walked by a Zara and didn't go in today! I'll try Uniqlo when/if I visit NYC, I've heard they're similar to H&M in price and products. I tried Express, not slim enough. I'll keep trying.
I've tried H&M, but they told me they don't carry them. I bought a fitted polo in Small from them before, but it shrank too much in the wash, and a Medium is too big. I have heard a lot of good things about Polo's Custom Fit line of polos, but I'm a poor student in a big city, I need to watch my expenses already. Do I have more low-end options other than H&M? I'm trying to avoid A&F/AE/Hollister because they aren't cheap, despite their marketing towards my age group...
Panerai makes a Ferrari rattrapante chrono I believe. CF dial.
Hey thanks for the style links Antonio. That probably would be a good start for me, been wearing school uniforms
Hey letmebefell you're right. The tailor at Nordstrom's gave me 16 but I just did it myself with a string around the Adam's apple and with a 1/2 inch buffer I'm getting 15". Also checked my waist measurement, I got 29". The thing is I would much prefer buying in a store and tailoring if need be to buying from the internet.
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