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Remake on the way, but I checked the measurements page and noticed their tailors changed the remake adjustments I put in! That defeats the whole purpose of remake because I specifically compared and adjusted those dimensions...   i.e. I left my shoulder measurement unchanged, because it was absolutely FINE, and I have multiple well-fitting suits to compare to. Yet they randomly decided to -0.5" from it. They randomly subtracted 0.5" from the crotch measurement on the...
Ordered a suit and received it.   -Craftsmanship is a lot better than 4 years ago, I'm totally satisfied there. -Fit according to my input measurements? NO, they edit in some weird way and add 4" here and there, so now it fits horrible. It's dumb of Indochino to do that, they're wasting their own profits on the remakes ppl will inevitably request. -Shoulder padding is RIDICULOUS. Way too much. -Armholes are LOW. Bottom of armhole hits at my nipple line, I can barely...
Very specific question for the experts here:   Jacket has too much skirt flare. Red = problem area, gap between hip width and jacket hip. Green = the contour I want to achieve. It looks much more severe in person, because this picture is taken from top-down angle so it enhances chest width and gives the illusion that the hips aren't as wide as they are. In real life it looks like a tutu!   My question is: how do I fix this? Which seam should I (or my tailor,...
I owned a Washington for less than 24 hours. My overall assessment of SS: jackets too long, sleeves too short. Seems to be a common issue with SS customer fitment.
5'7" 125lb. 36" chest 29" waist Ordered Washington in 32R. Will post pics after I receive it. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much tailoring might cost? I'm scared the cost of tailoring will be half the suit. -take in jacket waist -shorten jacket 1" -lengthen sleeves 1" -add 1 buttonhole each arm -taper pant legs (going for that "meggings" look ) -hem pants
According to a sales associate: the Blue Line Napoli fit is a different fit than the standard Napoli, it is slimmer. Can anyone here confirm/deny?
H&M $15 for their limited patterns/solids made in cotton/poly mix, $30-50 for the thicker pure cotton ones.
Another major reason why this died down is because their prices went up to the point that we have many other options in the $500-$800 range, including at least half-canvassed construction, and savvy StyleForum dudes are choosing those other options.
Found at Saks Off 5th: Saks Fifth Avenue RED line and BLACK line suits. Some have Zegna fabric. Specifically I just picked up this: https://www.saksoff5th.com/shadow-stripe-extra-trim-fit-wool-suit/0492508820677.html and want to know what the heck it is (a suit, I know), worth it or should I return, etc. I'm a young professional student who wears suits only a few times a year but I'd rather get something nicer than Macy's/H&M/etc. and don't want to go MTM.
SAME! I think it's due to the button stance. If the buttons were spaced differently, that area right above the waist would not split. Imagine if a button were going thru the 2 sides of the shirt right at the split point, it would be held together with no split possible.The only way to remedy this would be to change the spacing of the buttons along the shirt.The optimal button spacing is probably related to teh height of the wearer, since all of our bellies and thus split...
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