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Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money he spends exorbitant amounts of money on silly looking costumes. Clothing, and fashion in particular, is a costume. But so what? You put your costume on and it says something to the people around you. We're all just playing dressup.
^i really want those for halloween...
^acne mic's. note that plaza is sleaker than trubalance, so i'm not sure how they'd look with indy's. 7.8" leg opening iirc. not sure where tape is atm.
^bradkid has a pair of the 4060s. he wore them w/ a geller suit the other day in waywt. they're nice, but the look of toebox bothers me. i prefer the sleekness of the plaza, but to each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by beowolf I agree with you. I am saving my pennies now. I went to the Alden Store in DC and fell in love with these: I want them now. i have a pair of these from leathersoul. plaza instead of the grant last, which i think the dc store carries. have closeups somewhere in this thread. this shows the silhouette of the boot pretty well though i think.
Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella Most unflattering knuckle situation. rofl, didn't even notice. not sure what that is exactly... boxers probably rode up over the course of the day. it's fabric, not package at least. i don't tuck that way. Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 I, for some reason, get deja vu from that picture. I'm not sure if it's spam or if it's just a repeat outfit (at the very least the same moose...
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