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Got suit today. Pretty happy with it. Boxy cut but thats to be expected with the label and it will work fine as a interview suit. I believe its a "silver trumpeter". 95% wool 5% cashmere according to some paper inside it.
Boring answer: I think the best thing to do is wear (within reason) what everyone else wears.
I picked up a conservative charcoal with pinstripe Hart Schaffner Marx suit at Syms in Berwyn for $300 and some change. Right now I am waiting for some alterations to be done. I think its similar/the same as this one http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3004058/...bo=2385344&P=1. Its 2 button, single vent. Looks very business-conservative. The other alternative was a Louis Dell'Olio for $200 that was more aggressively cut/fashion forward but the wool on the HSM was a lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe If you have a car, try Off Fifth and the NM Last Call. Get on their email lists. I receive endless discount coupons from both. You might also try to buy suit separates at BB or Jos Banks. Okay. Ill google around about that I really appreciate help. I definitely won't do another Jos a Banks however.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe It seems that just about everything is on sale just about everywhere these days. If I were you, I'd save the tailoring expenses and look for a new suit. Id have to say that clothing, not supplements, is the biggest expense in bodybuilding/powerlifting. Ill consider that. I guess I could try hitting up the big box places and see if I could swing an off the rack with hem and sleeve adjustment.
I am guessing maybe $150 to have this done? I probably have about 2 months till it is a concern so speed of the alterations isnt as big a deal. Reviews on all those tailors seem mixed but that seems to be typical. I am a 20 minute walk from Chae, maybe I will give them a call and see if I need to schedule anything. Are these places typically open saturdays? I work from 7 am till 5p most days.
Thanks guys I appreciate the responses Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 To go from a 41 to a 37/38 is not small surgery. Assuming your shoulder length doesn't change and your jacket length does not need to be altered, and your sleeve length is OK because your arms did not shrink in length, then you would need the chest taken in and the waist taken in. You can try Pat Sciolli (? spelling, try google him) on Passyunk ave. He does an...
I have no idea if this is appropriate place to ask but I will be needing to have a suit altered soon. Its a medium priced Canadian made Calvin Klein 41, and I now wear a 37-38 after I lost around 30 lbs after changing what sports I was playing. I had the pants altered on the cheap by my dry cleaner and they look presentable. I paid around $400 for this suit, is it worth getting the jacket altered? I like the suit a lot. How much would it cost to typically alter a suit...
Bought a pair of oakley whisker titaniums off ebay after researching seller and having seller send more detailed pictures + images of paperwork. I am still not sure these are legitimate however and may be returning them or using paypal to return them this week. Should there be any slight gap between the lens and frame near the nose piece? Additionally, should the rubber nose pieces be reasonably loose rather than fixed? I also cannot tell if they are genuinely titanium....
Okay well I will have about a two weeks until my first paycheck so I will be waiting until then to buy. I liked the whiskers because I know they fit my face well. I will check out some other models as well. Hopefully I will be able to locate them then.
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