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i just want to point out that the shadow is in a deeper and darker recess than you may imagine. in fact, the theologians probably don't even assume they're running anything, at least not at the upper echelons of the government. if you look at the behavior of the sepah (IRGC), a separate military branch of the armed forces that works independently of the army/navy/airforce/etc., you'll see they have been slowly but surely building up economic leverage. They've bought into...
I don't think you can compare their behaviors, at least the extents to which they carry out policies. And divestment from China is economic suicide.But in any case, please please please keep Arab-Israeli issues out of this thread it's the one decent thread in CE that doesn't devolve into mindless partisan babbling (except for the trolls but that's expected of them, and you're not one so you can't be excused!)
A Saudi goes to Tehran to study and is pleasantly surprised (I am assuming she is shia but i could be off) http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/fr/contents/articles/originals/2016/02/iran-saudi-cut-relations-saudi-blogger-sara-masry.html#
First U.S. Athlete to Wear a Hijab to the Olympic Games. But is she really representing the U.S. !?!?
he even removed his shoes [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of elneny, this is absurd lol http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/30/arsenal-fans-say-mohamed-elneny-is-the-new-patrick-vieira-20-minutes-into-his-debut-5653316/
what a useless draw that was ... we've won 2 out of the last 7 league games. what a goal by varde tho
Ted Cruz's first words on his win: "To God goes the glory" ("Allahu Akbar!").
Madness (basically praising the killing of shia, saying shouldn't attack rebels/mujahideen/etc)
Outside of Kabul, most of Afghanistan has devolved into lawless tribal rule where warlords hold all the power, financed in large part but poppy sale and the world's opiate addictions.Whoever they're told to (in this case for the Assad regime), which may not be in the best interest of many Syrians
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