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i think boots + shorts/cropped pants would look great. but the thought of chunky footwear during the heat of the summer is nauseating anyway, i just missed out on the ss13 jacquard print trousers, i wonder if someone here got them ? the bidder was using FJ i have the matching jacket so was looking to complete the suit, but i can pass it on to the winner if full setup is interesting:
* who cares how people dress when they live and think like pigs inciting envy and boredom in market democracies. if i was looking for banker fits I'd check in CM/MC and stab my eyes out with unbridled enthusiasm * speaking of boredom, margiela is an awful waste of money these days but you can at least appreciate the former talent behind the label by watching some interesting things:...
From the AW04 "zipper madness" season [HJ-T01-940] 100% alpaca made in Japan, very good condition and rare item. Dark grey with taupe colored patch layers Size 3 fits regular relaxed 3 shoulder 46 width 57 length 70 sleeves 66cm Asking $350 shipped OBO International please add $40.
That Chinese blazer fits you fantastically!
thanks amigos, been a bit too busy lately to stay as active , will hopefully contribute a bit more frequently if that's ok .... @ghostface unsurprisingly, another beautiful fit ...and how i wish that mossy jacket were a touch larger ! @Rais how do you like the hypervenoms ? do you use them in the gym too ?
i was excited to receive some horse leather (guidi source, i believe) marsell derbies, but they're a bit too large for me. if anyone would be interested let me know as i prefer not using insoles...
Beautiful and incredibly soft wool blend from AW2014 collection. Perfect condition. Please note the distressing is part of the design, with an upper layer pealing away to reveal the underlying darker navy/purple tones in several places. Shoulders: 52 cm (dropped shoulders Chest: 53 cm Length: 82cm Asking $350 shipped OBO International please add $25
FW2014 Marsell derbies with very nice, soft horse leather (I believe Guidi). Size marked 41 but fits huge, perhaps 43-43.5. Worn 2X. Retail was ~ 700$. Asking $300 OBO shipped. International please add $50.
AW2000 "Couture Collection" suit, so called because of the extravagance that went into production methods (gold threads, luxurious fabrics, etc.). Beautiful size 2 (fits like traditional 3) gradient suit in blacks,browns,greys, made of a soft wool & rayon blend. Rare set, hems are still unfinished. Jacket: Wool 54% Rayon 46% Lining Cupra 100% Size = 2 ■ Shoulder 51Cm ■ Width 54.5cm (under armpit - armpit) ■ Sleeve length from shoulder 66Cm ■ Length 80cm (to root ~ hem...
been some time since i've worn zero black [[SPOILER]]
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