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awesome stuff @syed thanks for the sneak peak will deff try to get my hands on one. there's also a blurb about it on SZ Mag site. @Superb0bo i wouldn't size down , you sound like a size 5 (so M or L in pre-2000s) from your height which i believe is the most important factor. otherwise it sort of defeats the purpose of getting yohji... and ebay is terrible i never use it anymore, prices are way too high stock is so limited. in my experience yohji sellers seem to be much...
that's a nice silhouette , @Harlock66from a few weeks back, someone sketched me [[SPOILER]]
Excuse the pun here but Jessica Chastain is a singularity of infinitely dense garbage. The only draw for me was the rendering of the black hole without the addition of special effects, as in all these claims that it was simply some very accurate numerical solutions to general relativity equations. I could suffer through hours of cliched Nolan for that, but if Chastain plays any major role id rather jump into the black holeIrrationality aside, the drivel you listed in...
I haven't seen that episode, or any for that matter, but anyway despite the very nuanced representation of iran in the western media, the place is incredibly diverse with many ethnicities and a whole range of climates/environments and, according to polls, the largest pro-US population in the middle east, whatever that means. If you go during start of spring season it'll coincide with nowruz, the Iranian New Year (a ten billion year old festival celebrating return of spring...
MAC COAT WAXED | SIZE M $1100 In excellent condition Worn a handful of times Tagged XS but best for a medium or size 50. Waxed cotton Perfect for the rain FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
SHIRT 50 | SIZE M $375 I think this is a one off prototype piece. Lined on the inside with a thick net. Fits a 48-50. Size 50. From 2004 collection Will cost more to ship to rest of world please enquire FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
NIGEL CABOURN X VIBERG | SIZE 11 $750 Worn a few times Perfect condition Dianite Sole Collaboration with Viberg. Made in Canada Viberg size 10 which is a UK 10 / US 11 / EU 44 FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
YUKETEN MAINE DECK BOOTS | SIZE 11 $280 Worn once Size 11 Made in USA FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
JUNY AWATANABE VARSITY BNWT | SIZE M $575 BNWT Junya X Johnson Leather collaboration Made in SF Size medium Soft wool body with stiff leather sleeves Never worn but some of the sleeve have a bit of light barely noticeable dis coloring. See photos. Can easily have it removed at a leather cleaner FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS13 HAKAMA CUPRO | SIZE 32 $600 Worn about a dozen times Size 2. But huge. Measures 18 inch across waist 55 cupro 45 cotton Super light weight fabric Huge air vents on the side. Also has draw string going up the leg to scrunch up. And at the cuff to scrunch. Retailer for about 1200 at barneys FOR FASTEST RESPONSE PLEASE EMAIL Bobofirebob@gmail.com
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