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(but if you're walking behind an animal clearing its feces it really brings into question who the master is)
boiled wool is so good
At my firm 99% of people are in suits, except for casual days when it's Balmorals + hemmed jeans and tucked in plaid shirts.But the shah is 100% in yohji all week
yup. even allegri, though not a fan...and ancelotti (if he leaves bayern)
there were countless opportunities over the years, but he wouldn't budge. Pep was initially interested in coming to Arsenal. Klopp was available before Pool snatched him up. Plenty more examples...Also just look at what's happening -- Viera , a gunner legend, is now working for City. Henry is now assistant for the Belgian national team instead of getting any coaching experience with his club.
We've had plenty of chances to get good managers but he wouldn't leave. And the annual Feb collapse is back so it'll be a struggle to get top 4. I don't really see Sanchez staying much longer either... #WengerOut #MakeArsenalGreatAgain
Racial bias may just be incidental, a consequence of hyper-nationalism. In my interactions with him I came to believe he really thinks "America is facing an existential threat from moral degradation of its core traditional values and from the detrimental cultural and economic effects of unrestricted immigration" and that he did have irrational fears--for example an Iranian nuclear attack. The next few sentences in the Yahoo article are laughable, and born from the same...
It's not cynicism it's just my perception of what's become hyper-active news cycles. They may very well have had the resources and talent to write a good piece, but it would be less exciting (because , unfortunately for interested parties in the media, he's not a foaming at the mouth lunatic that infiltrated the upper echelons of the presidential cabinet). Less excitement translates to less controversy and ultimately less revenues. and I assume a sensationalist and quickly...
maybe i misunderstood but if someone owns a bunker that can withstand some sort of small nuclear blast ...second part is fair, certainly. but wouldn't make for as juicy of a story. look at all the madness it's caused here, imagine the revenues from all those page views, etc. the free market at work !
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