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what are we at now, the 8th or 9th investigation? is there a smoking gun or should i wait for the next 10-20 tries and millions of dollars spent ?
Chris Waddle lost the plot and it's hilarious https://twitter.com/bbcsport/status/747682549971955712
Are you gonna add more vrx? Or wait till it's completely worthless and buy the company for a dollar?
Messi has been really bad at PKs this started around 2012/13 season, which makes it even more puzzling why he would be selected to take it first. he also had a good run near the 90th min when he shanked it wide (not as bad as aguero's miss though)
it's part of an ongoing move to be less standoff-ish with the world normalizing relations with israel http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-36639834
Reports of attacks on poles and muslims starting
not surprising. he's had a lackluster cast, and how many finals can higuain bottle , the fellow should throw away his boots and stay home. can't help but feel much of this comes down to poor managerial history as well as the ongoing politics of the AFA. a shame, really...
seems there is no real mainstream left in the US, only a relative one
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