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there are at least 2 mosques in tokyo so don't rule out that possibility
Wow did not ever expect a Ran ref in CE but this is now best post. excellent film
There was just a bad attack few days ago in Baghdad but now a suicide attack hear hospital leaves 21 dead
reports 17 shot at Florida nightclub in Fort Myers with at least one dead Edit: now two dead? Awaiting background of shooter so everyone can engage in the typical mudslinging Meanwhile over the weekend in Chicago...3 dead 26 injured
Seems like this was possibly a personal dispute?
German police say Syrian asylum seeker arrested for killing woman with machete
What a weird obsession some of you have.Except even in this case there is a tendency to focus on some nonexistent "evidence"mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/25/world/europe/terrorist-or-disturbed-loner-munich-attack-reveals-shifting-labels.html?_r=0&referer=https://news.google.com/
Gun violence is a right ? Interesting
Wasn't directed at you but those pushing for an nonexistent connection, it is irrelevant in this case He apparently targeted foreign-looking people ... 6 of the 9 killed were Albanian, kosovoan, or turk ?
Pretty much, he seems obsessed with what others say about him,
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