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There's a really good tortilla factory not too far around the corner from there , I believe
Wow that's just stunning
Google has also decided to close its offices there.Atelier was a poor example, but given that thamanyah is only a few seasons old and that Poell hasn't put out a collection in that time, this really isn't the reason. One big problem was the naive business model. Anyway this has been discussed at length and they're reopening the store using the pedigree but under the watch of new Chinese overlords who will inundate it with awful brands and easy sales to keep the venture...
It's priced for exclusivity, materials are nice but not that nice. Designs are infinitely better than either of the two you listed.Not similar but if you wanna talk price vs quality fabrics Leder wins , for me
faliero on sale can be had for ~that, cashmere/wool/silk blends. and zam uses the same fabrics (his claim). if you wait a bit more you can find denis colomb which i feel is really nice. PoTN had some heavily discounted. i want the nepalese one, or something with yak in it, but i already have too many scarves i think.
adidas pure boosts were the most comfortable shoes i've ever put on, followed closely by nike fk free 3. in terms of comfort and performance there's no topping them.as for overpriced aesthetics, i agree with you mmm gats were the nicest feel on foot--i'm thinking of getting some again--much better than CP/buttero/whatever on that sole that everyone uses now, even lanvin were nice and luxurious but still not as comfy and too much modasse association with that. ann makes...
Khaki cotton canvas jacket with button closure and olive wool zippered vest layered on top. Very nice condition. Wool is very soft, good for fall/early winter/spring. Big enough to layer some knits underneath nicely. Has plenty of pockets, both obvious and less so, to store ... , Size 3. Shoulder 49cm Chest 56cm Length 89cm. Asking $100 shipped OBO. International please add $40.
fits you very well, awesome that you've the pants from that collection too. but it's all thanks to @Parker , sorta Goldilocksed its way to you, too big -> too small -> too big -> just right ;-)thanks to the zippers, the permutable dynamics lead to insane motions outstanding, @spacepopeone of the best pieces put out under the silent label, which isn't saying much unfortunately, except that it was actually an incredible piece.
Soft material (wool 91% nylon 9%) in navy. Very good condition. Size 3 shoulder 46cm chest 60cm (edge to edge, thick fabric exaggerates this) sleeve 61cm length 79cm Asking $100 shipped OBO. International please add $40.
so i just went and saw interstellar. just seemed like pseudointellectual sewage (transcendental love, 5-dimensional beings, atemporal communication, a/retrocausality, metaphysics blahblahblah) trying to elevate a lacking story line--why was the earth going to hell in a handbasket anyway, why didn't anyone set out to study the dust storms that kept ruining the crops, how did the big plan A spaceship work if Caine's equations were wrong but Chastain solved them, which would...
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