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Thank you amigos , glad a couple people enjoy the stuff I share :-) @ivwri and @ManofKent back posting is great news very nice fits in past bunch of pages, not least of course @Parker's which had been rather overdue (according to me)
i have an really nice DvN women's piece i picked up from last fw but i doubt i'll be able to wear it for another couple weeks, too cold yet.just because of this , some more inspirations :starting off with @Fuuma if he don't mind(lol rick sucks compared to ...)[img]
i really enjoyed it, not because of any novelty (or lack thereof; multi-timeline story blah blah something the watchowsky brothers overcomplicated and butchered recently with cloud atlas) nor its predictability nor the cliched message, but because it was visually stunning and the fact that it used microorganisms to create the special effects rather than cheaply producing a billion things with cgii'm not saying it wasn't good, it just seemed all too familiar. Majid Majidi...
spam aside, this is outstanding.spacebope is the best
those inaisce are some tormented goth ballerina flats , this whole androgyny thing is consuming your soul !marsell ones are on such a flimsy sole as far as i recall, the spring/summer collections are generally nowhere as nice as the chonky footwear available in fall/winter.have some 992t that are just as you say, but they're considerably more bulbous than what he seems to be after.i think guidi's slipons offerings are a nice middle ground except of course for the...
nothing new here just been a while since i was able to wear something other than big winter coat [[SPOILER]]
TTO your fits are great additions to the wonderful eclecticism that is swd Note that x-posting is almost always unidirectional. Because once you taste freedom there's no reason to enchain your senses once more.
If you can't embark on your trip when you like then how free are you anyway, it's held hostage to your career... The perversion of an interesting discussion and in such short time by capitalist pigs!
Couldn't watch past 10 min into a separation, boringly depressing representation of a reality that's been an attempt of every other Iranian film post-79. The only tv series worth watching to me is the new Cosmos. Sorry to come off as so dismissive.
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