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^ the sweater from that runway look just sold for really cheap , i missed out on it.
Early on, the men's just said Y's but with a green tag. Subsequently they were labeled Y's for Men, before reverting back to simply Y's again. Circle of confusion complete. I've seen women's tags that look identical to the men's (plus the women's line is typically meant to be more masculine). Check the tags if they're still attached/legible, labels starting in M are Y's for men, labels starting in Y (and perhaps F?) are for women. The cuts can be quite similar, and I have...
agreed, @Harlock66, in fact i think the YYF stuff often times blows anything from YYPH collection out of the water and the prices often reflect that also i liked the fit with the qasas, esp the white bit poking out
thanks man, they're marked as near-new condition i guess it's some distressed reverse leather then assuming description is honest
does anyone know what model guidi this might be and how it's sized ?
a rough exoskeleton protecting the smooth sinewy interior. i appreciate tasteful juxtapositions such as yours, job well done and barefoot is even better than laceless gats
@pickpackpockpuck that was my first y's jacket :-) felt way too slim after a while thoughawesome setups @davidlee388not good pics but these trousers are massive! [[SPOILER]]
yyph ss14 cotton, sample item size 3 nicer color than runway iteration in my opinion damir/mykita dd02 aw14
There's a really good tortilla factory not too far around the corner from there , I believe
Wow that's just stunning
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