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how appropriate to break the record against the team with which Ruud set it (the 10th game ruud scored in was at Newcastle)
Yohji Yamamoto June 2011
i haven't been to jerome, sounds a bit like Bisbee ?yeah there's plenty of unpleasantries in tucson, which i feel just add to the character. i mean you can get really great cheap eats down south too at the risk of running into crips if you go on wrong street, some parts like 4th ave are gross but the downtown renovation project has been great.i haven't ever gone by chochise stronghold. the left and right from gates pass. the middle pic is from backyard, going onto the...
not a huge fan of nyc , but i would still feel bad leaving there for phx lolnot any better for style (unless you into ponchos+sandals , which you seem to be) but i love tucson. phoenix is always stressful, crowded and feels completely fabricated in a cheap, americana sort of way. way more green desert landscape in the surrounding areas of pima county. but sonoran cuisine is better than anything. i order tucson tamales all the timealso, the sunsets are insane and i miss...
oh sorry , well to start with you can check out denis colomb. i really want this throw blanket they have in the shop here but i don't want to pay $4k for it lol
where in phx you at ? the buyer at the blobsdale barneys was really good a while ago, even though it was a coop he was bringing in jil and margiela when it was goodi like no hat better but not the open shirt
faliero sarti is ok , there are some much better (and more baller ) options
Black deerskin voluminous scarf-style backpack. Ann Demeulemeester FW215
insane game dunno why messi is allowed back in this one , it's too violent. CR elbows alves in the head and ref cards the righback ... ramos just tripped suarez in the box clear as day and nothing happens. still it's 3-0. visca barca! of course messi is the one forcing people's hands to sub him in
French national anthem playing in the stadium the fascists are at least respectful today
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