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I just successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation Incoherence of the Gabardine: Nonlinear flow of infinite-dimensional fabric By the shah Dedicated to my SF homies Abstract: Wearing voluminous garments potentiates a macroscopic manifestation of the uncertainty principle. One consequence, for example, is that one may diffract while passing through a doorway, thus belying arbitrary precision in either position or momentum. Acknowledgements: SS2000 wool gabardine...
NO clue but They have 30% off some things with SUMMERTIME30
There have been times in the past when I thought to myself, what am I doing posting here among strangers who probably don't care about anything I have to say ? There were days that I felt bad because I came off as mean, and that to people I didn't know. I felt silly because I don't even use facebook since the past half-decade or so but I was uploading pictures of myself, usually in funny places, on here for anonymes while they bit their thumbs at me -- how audacious ! But...
absolutely true, and i guess it's a consequence of the direction the place has gone in as a e-content provider but what's the alternative ? without adapting and bringing in hoards of new members to help boost certain metrics, it would flounder into the dark abyss like so many other forum and be irrelevant in 2015. so i'd rather have this commercialized playground than nothing at all. so i'd like to thank fok et al for forward thinkingalthough i have totally lost motivation...
Mac Dre said don't snitch. Even Carmelo agrees
I've just realized there is such a thing as pants that are simply too huge (and I own another pair that have a waist over 50" across)
ordering from germany is a much cheaper way of getting them than stateside shops.
Balloon trousers from SS2013 [hx-p23-100] Made from 100% wool gabardine in black, soft and thick material with an elegant drape. Drawstring waist and hems. Excellent condition, except one tiny mend done on the inside of one hem to strengthen the drawstring (about 2cm, barely noticeable if you look closely and not visible at all when worn obviously since it's on inside -- please see last photo) Size 3 Width 55 Rise 39 Inseam 62 Length 92 Asking $500 shipped OBO....
Y's is For Men Yohji Yamamoto modular satchel. There are many storage pockets. Made of black cotton. Excellent condition. Width 35cm Height 39cm Depth16cm Asking $100->$90 shipped OBO. International please add $40 for EMS express.
Very light weight, off-white almost creme colored shirt in rough weave but thin linen/cotton blend, perfect for coming summer. Excellent condition. Size Length 75cm Width 59cm Shoulder 47cm Sleeve length 63cm Asking $100->$90 shipped OBO. International please add $40 for EMS express shipping.
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