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German police say Syrian asylum seeker arrested for killing woman with machete
What a weird obsession some of you have.Except even in this case there is a tendency to focus on some nonexistent "evidence"mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/25/world/europe/terrorist-or-disturbed-loner-munich-attack-reveals-shifting-labels.html?_r=0&referer=https://news.google.com/
Gun violence is a right ? Interesting
Wasn't directed at you but those pushing for an nonexistent connection, it is irrelevant in this case He apparently targeted foreign-looking people ... 6 of the 9 killed were Albanian, kosovoan, or turk ?
Pretty much, he seems obsessed with what others say about him,
Not sure where you got that from but all flyers I have seen have had the same title since 2+ weeks ago though now violence generally rather than gun violence .
FYI there is a march organised and lead by local Muslim orgs happening from the Capitol building in DC , "Americans against terrorism, hate, violence" They began with a pledge of allegiance and singing of the national anthem Expected media coverage: minimal
at first in the email it sort of looked like the sacai collab stuff but i guess it's not so much flying squirrel
He apparently had Breivik set as his profile picture on whatsapp
Except the guy didn't say it, in all likelihood. Why would he, he was seemingly studying mass shootings liked the one 5 years ago Like I said before, the chance of him being Sunni is tiny, and begin a practicing Shia still small, and Shii haven't staged attacks outside of ME in quite some time , even then then they targeted political figures. And as an expression it's not even used that much by Iranian shias I've come across (they more often opt for Ya Ali) Every source...
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