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No opinion at all?
The sports coat you are seeing on the photo is from Etro, 100% cotton, color indicated as "natural". No word on the lining, but to my eye it looks like without any lining due to abundant creasing. Do you agree? Do you think I should go with 1/4, 1/2 or fully lined jackets for summer? What is your opinion on the fabric and its density, i.e. %100 cotton? (summers here is really hot but no humid) How do you like the color? Is it too dull? Can I match it with jeans? Chinos?...
I did not understand. Are those captoe boots from J. Gilbert? AFAIK they have/will have the non-blind eyelet version.
Quote: Originally Posted by astris Yeah, it was impossible to resist. These are ridiculously awesome too (not mine, pics stolen from MC thread)... Where are these from?
Is there a problem with the stitching on the heal of the left shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Plaza Indys...what do you guys think? I'm still undecided. They are simply gorgeous IMO. At least one may consider buying Tru-balance lasted Indy boots for a clunkier look and a pair of these in a different color. After seeing these I wish I had not bought too many Indy boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Very good, Ahab! I also wear the same size (in the same last) regardless of the leather, style, etc. Order, try, keep or return - no worries, no madness. Not so feasible for people living outside the States ordering their shoes from up-scale retailers for around and sometimes higher than 50 Dollars. And if they do not fit properly, they cost around 25 dollars to ship back. Besides I do not know whether...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Like I said, 90% of people don't adjust sizes based on style... I don't really want to get too into this because I don't want to confuse people even more than they already are about Alden lasts! But, for examples sake... I have a wingtip blucher...shell cordovan, regular welt that fits tighter than another version in suede with a reverse welt. I wear both in the same size without any complaints. I also have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Type of leather, makeup of shoe-type of welt, sole, plain toe vs nst, etc, all will have some effect on the fit. I would say 90% of people don't adjust size because of it. Tom, could you please explain how and why do you think that the exterior patterns such as handsewn stitching as in NST or (perhaps?) machine stitching or (perhaps even?) perforations as in wingtip/longwing style may affect sizing?...
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin I had these in 9D that I sold on this forum a couple months back (at half the price of the discount price!!). Anyhow, i thought they fit a tad narrow. I'm a 9D...length was fine. But it felt 1/2 size too narrow. I am very temped right now to order a pair...but I have way too many boots to justify a purchase. Which last it is based on? Do you definitely recommend picking a half size bigger size?
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