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but does it fly?
That second pic blew my mind. Needs a fit pic.
DRKSHDW poplin aircuts Size: 29 Color: white Fabric composition: poplin Condition: 9/10 Asking: SOLD fit
So good. I wish I could find one in my size.
I ought to make a trip to LA this summer and handle some Schneider knits.
He will, with different fabrics and a few tweaks here and there I'm assuming.
I've been trying to devote less time to fashunz lately (and internet altogether) and moreso to other things. Finding myself wearing nothing but my julius leather, tee, ann d pants, and lace-ups all month. My uniform now of sorts... I imagine the amount of thought I put into my daily fits will diminish as the weather warms up.
Was going through this last night and had thought you posted a pic of tommy lee jones for a sec.
black/blue combo working well here.
His prices really are reasonable. I own a couple shirts, scarves and an outerwear piece and they're all very impressive. I know a lot of people here rave about his knits too which is why I've been looking into them. 100% cotton is a bit 'meh' though.
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