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Welcome to the club, but I expected you sooner.Indigo denim free since 2011! Clinging on to my one last pair of jeans though.
I personally dislike hooded leathers. There's something about them I can't put my finger on, perhaps someone else here can explain.
totally forgot that oki-ni still existed heh
It's not that it can't work, it can, it just doesn't in this case.
The main problem is that while I can see the look you're going for, you're pairing vintage stuff with rick with gitman and everything is clashing together. Also, try athletic socks next time.
Indeed. Always tastefully done.
Haven't had chicken feet since I was in Taiwan. Miss me some stinky tofu too.
You guys are crazy, I think the coat is great. Of course the parka is better, but this is more suitable if you're shorter.
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