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^^ Attachment's J-shape jeans fit similar to 19cms. I actually prefer them since the inseam isn't as long and the denim quality is higher. Liked them so much I have two pairs. (selling one right now )
The new Peir Wu drop on SP is phenomenal.
Nice spope. ZB leather? Your fits deserve more HQ pics!
Well thankfully 21 eme is "NOT a Street Style Blog"
Yahoo Japan would be your best bet. Still waiting for the pcm knit to pop up in my size.
I can definitely see a few members here pulling off that first coat. The blazer's a whole different story..
Attachment Kazuyuki Kumagai J-shape Jeans Size: 2 Color: washed black Composition: 100% cotton, made in japan Asking: SOLD
Size up and sell the 3 to me.
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