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Agreed. The ones I've seen in their stores feel pretty cheap, and are not worth what they're charging.
Cloak Aviator Pants Cloak was the brand that first captured my interest in fashion. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to find these pair of pants in my size, in pristine condition. They were a grail of mine back then and have remained one of my favorite pieces of clothing. Throughout these years they've been with me on numerous trips and have held up quite well. The most noteworthy was my last trip to Europe when I brought them along. It spent days in the rain...
I do like the pull tab/ethnic bracelet that comes with the ln-cc box. Have a few different colors now.
Looking for Schneider scarves, particularly his alpaca ones. But alpaca/wool blend will do too. Please PM me.
I can't imagine any other stores here that would. You might have to wander up to Vancouver.
Drop some knowledge on us. I know shit about suits.
^^ Attachment's J-shape jeans fit similar to 19cms. I actually prefer them since the inseam isn't as long and the denim quality is higher. Liked them so much I have two pairs. (selling one right now )
The new Peir Wu drop on SP is phenomenal.
Nice spope. ZB leather? Your fits deserve more HQ pics!
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