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diniro's fit is pretty killer. The silhouette reminds me of a lot Vanna's fits from when he used to post here.
Actually saw those Prada derbies with the air cushion soles in the wild today. Really not as heinous as they looked in photos.
I remember the size 3 fitting so big. Sad.
reedos hair
Julius grey leather moto Size: 1 Color: grey Composition: lamb skin w/ cupro lining Condition: 9/10 Asking: SOLD ...
Just put in a tracking number and you should have your money in a week. Still a shitty deal, but hell of a lot better than 21 days.
el bert how did you keep your guidis so clean all throughout that hike? Tell me your secret.
Had some phenomenal crepes when I was in Nice as well. Though I'm partial to galletes and a bowl of cider. Also, solid fits today everyone.
I'll never understand why people beast over visvim so much. Don't feel there's anything too special about the stuff they put out.
Shouldn't be an issue unless you're wearing them in the dead of summer. But they attract dog hair like nobody's business though.
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