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Balenciaga Bomber Size: 46 Color: black Composition: 40% virgin wool/ 30% polyamid/ 20% angora/ 5% cotton/ 3% lycra/ 2% elastane. Condition: 9/10 Asking: SOLD ...
Some of you might find this interesting, esp those in law
^Ain't nothin wrong with that! So it't true, SF is having a love affair with Balmain and Givenchy..
What, no pics? I know you're a better enabler than that!
If were just going to stick to the same format as last year, I could help out if no one else will.
I'd be down.
[[SPOILER]] I had that cardigan I think. The arms fit really tight, like shrinkwrap.
Of Montreal. Never seen them. It was pretty theatrical. [[SPOILER]]
Went out to a concert last night and realized this morning that the vibram heel on one of my boots was missing. The fuck.
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