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Acne Rio De Janeiro College sweatshirt Size: XS Color: Navy Composition: 100% cotton Condition: 9.5/10 Asking: SOLD
Well done Synth! Love it.
I use an old fujiwara one. Has three card slots on each side plus and an opening in the middle for if I'm carrying cash.
Card cases are all I use now, could never go back to a billfold.
appreciate the feedback guysstitches- the outer layer is somewhat sheer which gives to the construction underneath. pretty neat I think
viridi anne see through construction linen jacket man of moods tee viridi anne cold dye linen pants hmmmm boots
I'm fairly certain it's CDG w/ skulls print.
They might look find of cool, but I would never run in those personally.
The seattle art museum has some of his pleats please archive pieces plus some of those origami bags/dresses on display. Def cool to see in person.
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