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haha damn
nice, derk. really like that ma-1
Stephan Schneider Armenian jacket Size: III Color: shadow Composition: 100% wool, made in Belgium Condition: 9/10 Asking: GONE Putting my Armenian jacket from last fall season up as an interest check. I've got my eye on something right now so I could use the funds. In hard-to-find size 3. I can provide get measurements / take pics if there's interest for it.
EMS is the best option if you're willing to pay for it. USPS priority int is good too. Never had a problem with either.
The Viridi Anne - cold dye linen pants Size: 2 Color: dyed grey Composition: 100% linen, made in Japan Condition: 9/10 Asking: $225-> $200-> $175-> $150 including shipping CONUS Lightweight linen pants that are the perfectly slim but still loose enough for summer wear. Object dyed for a really unique grey color. Lots of cool details: coin pocket, zippered front pocket, back waist cinch, back flap pockets, button fly, paneled back construction. Can accommodate various...
Diet Butcher Slim Skin 'birds' tee Size: 1 Color: Black Composition: 100% cotton, made in Japan Condition: 9.5/10 Asking: SOLD
saw this swede iteration of this seasons hooded coat on a jp webshop. pretty sick (and already sold out)
I think those are same kiwi sandals that I have, really love mine.
was out sailing this afternoon and saw a dude wearing a dodgers cap on the deck of his boat chillin with a fatty smoke. sup jet
Looks great. I love the knit detail on those pants.
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