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The pants have a 5" hem, which doesn't give me much choice.Her fabrics are one of the best imo
kg and zap CDGH+ shimmer jacket Geller fencing shirt Ann D pants hmmmm boots
Damir Doma patterned scarf Composition: 55% silk, 45% cotton Condition: 9/10 Asking: SOLD
Ute Ploier Mohair Blanket Scarf Composition: 100% mohair Condition: 9/10 Asking: SOLD Awesome blanket scarf from Ute Ploier. Thick and super warm mohair. It's been sitting around and hasn't been much use for me so I'm letting it go. Can be worn a wide variety of ways, as shown in the photos. I can provide my own if necessary. And if you'd like, I can include one of the large safety pins I have too.
I wore my cdg chucks when I was in Europe last and I had no issues walking all around Rome or hiking up the Amalfi coast. I think if you already have sneakers you're comfortable wearing, to just bring those, rather than having to break in new shoes.
On the corner of 4th and Pike. Inventory is still a good 3hr drive though.It was pretty packed when I was there this afternoon, but if you're talking about their Veilance pieces, they have just a small walled off area with a few jackets, tops, and accessories. They had a few sizes of the parsec jacket there, but unfortunately no xs to try on.
Great stuff snow, definitely keeping an eye on peir wu. Hidden placket gang
Arcteryx just opened up a store here today and I finally had a chance to check out their Veilance line in person. Such good stuff, wish I had the funds. Need that field jacket.
Yeah. The blue is rather subdued which I like.
Pants are by Acne. Lightweight viscose material.
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