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Pass. Never liked hl sneakers, aside from the cut out ones which I thought were kind of neat.
Nice textures on that knit!
The motocross leather I tried on at Barneys was pretty insane, but 6k
You mean the newer season stuff or just Julius leathers in general? I've only been a fan of a handful, mostly their older pieces. Haven't paid much attention to them in awhile.
I dunno, I'm partial to the jut neck myself
I remember Plokhov had a dark olive one last FW, not sure if he doing one again this season though.
moibut since siki worked as a designer under lang, it seems more of a nod to him rather than a rip-off.
well fwiw, there are elastic panels near the hem.. or else it'd be impossible for me to get my foot through!I usually refrain from tucking, but these are the one pair of pants I feel comfortable doing so with.
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