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There should be. They produce some stand out pieces and their quality is very high.
Thanks. Yeah I'd expect it to be a bit loose on me. It's like that too on my ijevan which I don't mind at all.Should have went for the one that was on b&s a few days ago...
Damn, I was looking to grab that in a size III but I'm a 44
someone's grail
Pass. Never liked hl sneakers, aside from the cut out ones which I thought were kind of neat.
Nice textures on that knit!
The motocross leather I tried on at Barneys was pretty insane, but 6k
You mean the newer season stuff or just Julius leathers in general? I've only been a fan of a handful, mostly their older pieces. Haven't paid much attention to them in awhile.
I dunno, I'm partial to the jut neck myself
I remember Plokhov had a dark olive one last FW, not sure if he doing one again this season though.
New Posts  All Forums: