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Do they have smaller sizes in stock now? Might stop in and check them out this weekend.
Beautiful shots nn! Is there as much litter up there as people claim?
dat curb appeal
^ yeah the all-black 1460 model is good. Still wearing my pair of Dayton service boots when the weathers bad. They've taken a beating over the few years, but haven't let me down yet.
Fits perfect. I should have pre ordered!
There should be. They produce some stand out pieces and their quality is very high.
Thanks. Yeah I'd expect it to be a bit loose on me. It's like that too on my ijevan which I don't mind at all.Should have went for the one that was on b&s a few days ago...
Damn, I was looking to grab that in a size III but I'm a 44
someone's grail
Pass. Never liked hl sneakers, aside from the cut out ones which I thought were kind of neat.
New Posts  All Forums: