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For those of you still with us, I've uploaded a new film. Apologies for it not being in better quality..
Sup SF, been a looong time. Knew I couldn't stay away forever.
Robert Geller double layered tee Size: 44 Condition: 9/10 Asking: $65 shipped CONUS Soft cotton double layered tee in a subtle grey/purple. Worn a few times, excellent condition. Apologies for the wrinkles, it's been stored in my dresser. 17.25" s2s 18.5" p2p 25.5" length
Dries Van Noten navy trousers Size: 46 Condition: 9/10 Asking: $160-> $140-> $130 -> $100 shipped CONUS Beltless, single pleat trousers in a really beautiful textured navy/black fabric (tried to capture it). Slightly tapered and slim throughout. Keep in mind these have a higher rise hence the shorter inseam. Will accept reasonable offers. Waist: 15.25" rise: 11" inseam: 28"" hem: 7"
Raf Simons Accordion trousers Size: 48 Condition: 9.5/10
CLOAK Aviator Pants Size: 30 Condition: 9/10 Asking: $275 shipped CONUS You know what these are. THE pair of pants from Cloak. Chunky brass zippers, ribbed waistband and cuffs, zipper at bottom can adjust leg opening, slanted thigh pockets, slanted seam running down the back thigh to create slim silhouette. They are somewhat high waist with a low crotch, 2 buckles on waist can be used to cinch. Waist: 14-16" adjustable rise: 13" inseam: 30" hem: 5.5 zipped up but...
If it'll put your mind at ease, yes. Will watch Rope this weekend.
When she and Jep are laying in bed and he asks her if she sees the ocean on the ceiling. It's the scene right after that... of her foot partially in the shot with the window slowly swaying open. Also, in the montage scene following it, a restaurant patron gives his condolences to her father as he appears to be in mourning.Was not aware Rohmer directed a music video.
Nice critique of the film, sipang. I definitely see your points about the stitching of the scenes. I thought it was clever how he did the death sequence for the stripper, as it was surprisingly low key ( compared to everything else).Claire's Knee is great. My Night at Maud's might be my favorite out of the six moral tales.That is long. It's probably the same reason why I still haven't got around to watching Seven Samurai.
Stephan Schneider Border Trousers Size: III (elastic waist) Color: navy Composition: wool/poly/cashmere, made in Belgium Condition: 9.5/10 Asking: SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: