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Nice, glad you like my Aldens. Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Older stitching though. Mine arrive on friday, i'll let my cat rub all over them until they're properly aged. I have now spent $2000 on 3 pairs of shoes. I must stop buying Aldens for a while.
haven't posted here for a while, a couple of recent fits: derome brenner, undercoverism, sugarcane belt, jomon, neil barrett john varvatos, omega, jomon, alden derome brenner, sugarcane purple denim shirt, omega speedy coaxial GMT, jomon, alden wings&horns, jomon, neil barrett supreme, flathead, alt app, jomon, john varvatos
derome brenner neil barrett sugarcane belt (not shown) jomon alden
APC Omega Jomons John Varvatos
ann demeulemeester jomons neil barrett
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report ayn, You always have brilliant pictures. I look forward to your posts. Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy Those jomons are fitting you great, ayn. Loving how everyone else has motion blur while you are stationary Thanks guys... I had camera on tripod and snapped a couple of pics, it was the result of quickly merging 3 different ones (layer masks, only took 5 minutes)...
LW Jomons KC NB
derome brenners john varvatos omega speedmaster co-axial gmt fullcount 1108 kc long wallet and chain chucks
db apc jomons jv
Flathead Alt App V-Neck R.X.W. MM20 Jomons Neil Barretts
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