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Think I might have found a solution - a company that makes stamps. You can upload a logo or other image and they will custom make the stamp. I'll give it a try as its not very expensive. Thanks for your input.
Has anyone come across any manufacturers of monogrammed linen stamps (used to mark one's clothing when sending it to the laundry). Something along these lines: They were popular back in the day but I wonder if there is still anyone who makes them?
We traded messages and the seller gave me his address for the return. He told me what his restocking fee was. I agreed and sent it back. That was it.
I had a similar situation as a buyer. I had been searching for something on German eBay and forgot to change the settings back. I then a couple of days later bought something from a seller in thr US which I subsequently wanted to return. The seller told me to do as you advised this seller but I couldn't do it because it wasn't coming up as an option on the German eBay site. Neither I nor the seller could understand why this was happening until I realised it was because I...
Yes but that image was taken after I had polished both shoes. I'll give it a try again again though as you suggested.
I used Reno Mat for the first time a few days ago. It worked very well on one pair of Lobbs which had some rough dull patches on the toe cap. But it didn't work well on another pair. At least it worked on one shoe but not the other. The left shoe was worse than the right one to begin with but not by much. While I was able to get the right shoe back to a reasonably good shine the left one won't shine up at all. See the image. Just wanted to check with the experts here that...
PM'd you.
Ok thanks for the info. I signed up so hopefully around 11 others will also.
Thanks. I'll go ahead with 10. How many orders do they normally have to get in before they go ahead?
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