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Daniel came over to my place earlier today with an assortment of fragrances and was really great in helping me pick out things that suited me. He really knows his stuff and was a pleasure to deal with.
Do you wear true religion? does your girlfriend rock ugg boots?
what the fuck is this garbage?
For sale Persol 2931-S 95/58 in Black with Polarized Lens. Size 53/17 140 Worn a couple of times. Not comfortable for me. Located in Toronto. Local meetups welcome and encouraged. Price: 120$ (add 15$ for shipping + 4% paypal)
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube w/e you just got sonned. LOLOLOl
I'm in. I just got a new pair of shoes. I think I can hold out a month until i need something else. Trying to figure out what my favourite item is. Was about to say my watch, but I don't even wear it everyday. Will have to think about that!
NM! found something else!
Quote: Originally Posted by Derek92 Ok I get your point about the shirt. It is too long to be untucked and obviously looks horrible tucked so I guess I'll just burn it. Why can I not have jeans that can be stacked and cuffed? Why must I have two pairs of $400 jeans instead of one? So am I not allowed to do an outdoorsman look or do I seriously need two pairs of glasses to go with different outfits? What should I do with my hair? It was a long buzz but...
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