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Local food critic John Curtas says Guy Savoy as his favorite. Pinned him down one time to ask what the best of the best was. The guy knows Vegas food. Every other year or so he comes out with "Eating Las Vegas 20xx"
And that's why I rarely ever go down to Fremont Street... You see people like that all the time.
Killeen, TX. Never looked back at TX-190 when I left. Headed straight down I-35 to Austin for a bit.
Journalism Minor in Media Production
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD when you flush a toilet with a normal sized shit, and normal amount of toilet paper, but there is a perfect storm of awkward flush physics that still results in a semi clog. You stare at the steady rise of water until it hits the bottom of the rim in total horror.... and then by the grace of God it slowly starts spiraling back down. this horror is multiplied exponentially when it happens at someone else's...
The old adage: money doesn't buy you happiness (or better coworkers for that matter). In the long-run, would you rather be making money at a place with a great support network or some place where you grumble about having to go to work every morning, but it pays well? That being said, I'm making a lot of assumptions about what it's like to work there, but something you should definitely consider. But like others suggested, let him gloat, even stroke his ego once or...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter why do you want to work for an asshole? This. And if he's not your direct superior, he's probably hired the people who would supervise you, meaning they're most likely people that cater to his fancy. Doesn't sound like an environment I'd like to be in (having experienced such).
Tanqueray Rangpur and Tonic. It has that extra bit of bite, very refreshing.
Porn sites that made you "vote" for their site 3 times on top 100 lists before you could access the goods. Hentai was all the rage Awful "Britney Spears" porn that was just her face photoshopped onto some pornstars body. (funny how the skin tones didn't even match up half the time) Winamp Angelfire websites Sharing images on AIM became available
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