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late 2010 macbook pro on ebay. link in my sig.
PM sent
45% off my ebay prices right now. Trying to get this stuff out of here sooner rather than later. I graduate in May, and I don't want to have to drag any of this stuff with me when I move. Link is in my sig. Prices on ebay already reflect the 45% discount.
pictures added...also, one and only price drop
bump, picture added, one and only price drop
to ebay
to ebay
iPad 2 getting announced march 2nd...
Quote: Originally Posted by rathebaindc Because like skirts and panty hose, it's designed to look girly. Like lipstick and tampons, it's designed to fit in a purse, not a back pocket. Also, yes, +1 for it being a women's item. I've sold a ton of little wallets like this. There is usually a matching purse available too. Edit: With that said, I'm sure the seller would have NO qualms selling this to a guy that wanted to use it.
LAST CHANCE. Price drop to $375. back to ebay or just keeping it if it doesn't sell today.
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