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Maybe others will weigh in and correct me, but I think you would benefit from more casual, countrified shoes - derbies with some brogueing. The jacket and pants say country to me, the oxfords have a fairly elongated last, and cry out for a suit.
That's awful. whnay is right. refund/restart.
Hober.I have the same tie from Drakes. It's so thick that I wind up with a giant knot every time i want to wear it. It's like tying my duvet into a four in hand. Sure it can be done, but it never works.
Me too
Just stumbled on the site yesterday. edetal.sg The RTW looks pretty good at the $200 price point. I'm thinking about giving them a try - I can use the shoes as beaters at the very least. On the other hand I could put that money to a better pair of shoes. I've included a couple of pics. If you own a pair let me know where they fit on the quality spectrum and how they are wearing.
[/quote] I'm not much of a loafer guy, and I can't imagine getting a pair in black...but those are great. Fantastic. Care to share the make and model?
It's interesting that some of you guys like the C&J Lowndes as much as you do. I think they look great in pictures. However, I have a pair Drummonds on the 348 last and I can't say I really like them. I find the last to be way to long and narrow. They almost never look right regardless of what I'm wearing with them. I will concede that the look improves with trousers that are particularly slim, but overall they don't really do it for me. I'm not so sure why so...
I was wondering the same thing. Is all the Carmina love based purely on aesthetics?
They're 385GBP if I remember correctly. Minus the VAT exemtion they'll come in at about 600 CAD. I'm rounding down. I shouldn't have mentioned price but I was afraid people wold start recomending Lobbs, or something else out of my price range for shoes that won't get a ton of wear.
How come?
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