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Wearing the collar outside the sweater is just one step away from 'popping' the collar on a polo shirt.... so no.
Yes, I do wear my MTM dress shirts casually and have had some made a little shorter to wear untucked. Although Jantzen seems to be more popular on this forum I'd also recommend
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Calvin Klein. It is one of the best things they make, and the best for the price. +1
Those shoes look horrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintinATL I disagree, and I think that's what makes this story to brilliant. Clearly, it was not the suit that did it - as others have pointed out, lots of people wear suits every day and this doesn't happen to them. I believe that wearing the suit instilled such confidence in the OP that people responded to that. So in fact, they were responding to his actions, expressions, body language etc. Which would...
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 From last night: this is awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx In the end, double vents seem the best bet. They allow you to put your hand in your pocket, sit more comfortably, etc. I think if you get no vents, you'll regret it later. See my 'signature' for more information, below. Your AV and signature don't match then
Or maybe it's just that a lot of suit jackets are cut like a sack nowadays so even if it fits perfectly in the shoulders the rest is - unless you are on the heavy side - too baggy or long. Then when people try to compensate for that and size down it won't fit at all in the shoulders. At least that's a problem I've encountered, but then again according to the aforementioned measurements I have pretty broad shoulders
Quote: Originally Posted by dbtbandit67 to be honest with you, i am not a fan of either jacket. but considering the options, i will go with the first one. it has a collar, the lack of collar on the RL makes it look weird. plus the barbour is a better color. this is a bit out there for a Ralph Lauren piece, his stuff is usually more conservative. in general, i am a fan of Ralph Lauren Barbour going by looks and quality. But I'd go with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc Wouldn't wearing a hat stand out too much for CBD? That's what I'm thinking. Plus it would look odd on younger folks.
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