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Thanks for the answer, the 026 does indeed look good on you. I thought since this last appears to be their "standard/classic" last it would tend to run wide. Did you have size down?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant For all the posts like this I see here and in other forums- why does anybody still give them business? I ask out of curiosity, not snark. +1 It's amazing that Jantzen seems to be the standard MTM shirt service recommendation on this forum despite all these problems.
Well, we can't see it but I'm willing to bet that they are also all wearing square-toe, rubber-soled kenneth cole "dress" shoes Quote: Originally Posted by Eagle Photographic proof that, while beauty may be only skin deep, geeky goes clear to the bone! Agreed. Whoever casts for this show is brilliant! Even after their 'makeover' they still look like stereotypical geeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngScholar I am more or less in the same boat (in university and not much for wearing suits). All else being of conservative look and good fit, why on earth would some little bit of fabric sticking out of your front pocket be so controversial? Imo, because outside of this forum (and especially in a corporate work environment) anything other than a very subtle white/TV fold will probably be considered rather...
Quote: Originally Posted by penguin vic Last-wise, I haven't been taken by any AE that I've seen. Loake have some awful clunky ones as well but their Legend, Mayfair and new Bridge (for G feet) are sleek enough for me. Gratiutous shot of the Bridge last: Are there any other narrow/ sleek lasts in the 1888-Line? I heard people praise the Mayfair/Legend last before but sadly only very few 1888 are made with it...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche My Loakes, while not 1880s, have the worst "calf" I've ever seen. Its corrected grain and it looks like it might as well be plastic sometimes. I had the same experience (I think their L1 Line). Would be interesting to hear if the 1880s are made with totally different/ better quality leather...
Use a pair of scissors and a stapler to "convert" them to look like barrel cuffs.
No, because I'm not a pimp.... unfortunately.
I'd go for a motorcycle style leather jacket or a leather car coat.
Still waiting for something like that to happen to me sometime
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