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Looks like a slightly upgraded version of the tailorstore.com shirt designer but with fewer options. The introductory offer is very attractive, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Woody Allen is credited with saying that being bi-sexual doubled your chance for a date, on any given night. Also (probably more importantly on this forum): if you are about the same size as your same-sex partner it doubles your wardrobe /jerry seinfeld 83% straight and 17% gay here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nugget if you are young, poor or primitive this is probably the closest approximation of power, and therefore will have appeal. this just about sums it up...
I'd say try to get a job! While bumming the world may be a fun experience and you might not get the chance again later on in life it WILL leave a gap in your CV. I can't speak for the US job market but travelling to "see the world" for a year will generally not be regarded as a substitute for international experience in a professional sense (i.e. studying/working abroad). If you have the time and money why not learn another language that might be useful in your career?...
Definitely too small in shoulders/waist and sleeves far too short (wouldn't necessarily say the overall length is too short). I'm pretty sure those issues will not be fixable, you're better off returning it.
Unless I'm feeling particularly generous or compassionate genereally not... my cheapness prohibits me from just giving money away for free!
In no particular order...
I always wanted to pretend to be architect...
This is a great thread, 2fingers, thanks a lot! It corresponds to my experiences with MTM shirt services. I have not idea why Jantzen is favored on this forum and Tailorstore is generally regarded as having poor customer service and quality. My experiences are exactly the opposite!
Wear a Timex on the other wrist that you can give to the mugger and hope he doesn't notice you are wearing two watches.
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