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Well, I like to think of it less as stealing and more as 'infringing copyrights'...
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President Legalize, tax, regulate, require a license to sell, offer drug counseling to those in need, puff, puff, give. Sounds like a plan...
Who cares about stuff like that
Quote: Originally Posted by Hany I would have given the gift at arrival and note at/after departure. That's what I'd have done. Still sending a note, now can't hurt.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheGreek I asked permission/blessing from my fiance's father and mother. Its a big deal in Italian/Greek families. If you dont ask for permission/blessing, its a sign of disrespect and poor upbringing. +1 I would ask depending on how close she is with her family and how conservative her family is. In any case, unless her parents clearly disliked you the father is unlikely to say no and would probably feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by P-K-L I do not think so. As Nantucket Red said, Latin really helps understanding the structure and a lot of words in other languages - especially French, Spanish and Italian. Agreed. However costs far outweigh the benefits here! You are better off learning one of the aforementioned languages properly. Latin is a neat language and certainly has a novelty factor to it but - as others have said - it will take a lot...
I want a chainmail armor cut like a business suit and a metal tie that can somehow be used as a blade. From a distance it would probably look like a stylish gray-on-gray "North by Northwest"-like outfit and it would give me extra confidence during those tricky meetings because if all else fails I could still challenge my boss to a medieval duel
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've been taking Latin since high school. I've only learned it in a classroom setting, so I don't have any recommendations re: other methods. However, I will say that it's a tedious language. But that's mostly my opinion. +1 I learned Latin in school as well... tedious and pretty useless language.
Quote: Originally Posted by ArtisticShowcase Just saw Slumdog Millionaire, definitely the best film of the year, beats Button easily. Only problem, awkward dance scene in the credits. +1 Gran Torino was also pretty decent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse The bastard had the balls to give me a dirty look, force a smile, and say every little bit counts as he let out a big sigh. Wow. what an asshole You should've said "well, now that you mention it..." and snatched the cash back from him, then driven off whistling.
New Posts  All Forums: