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Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Also the jacket flares out at the bottom which causes your butt to stick out. +1 Imo this is just as bad/noticeable as the sleeves...
That sounds like fun... you gotta post pictures when they arrive!!
Meh... just cut a finger off a rubber glove, poke a hole in it and attach it to a flask.
Were they trying to copy the CLS?
Good luck to you! Hope everything works out well.
Ugh... most of that stuff looks pretty gross actually.
I'd like to take a hard, blunt object and hit them over the head with it repeatedly!
Nice watch and certainly not too small. It's just that obnoxiously large watches are "in" right now...
Well, I like to think of it less as stealing and more as 'infringing copyrights'...
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President Legalize, tax, regulate, require a license to sell, offer drug counseling to those in need, puff, puff, give. Sounds like a plan...
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