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Shirt looks great, the tightness around the chest is not too bad imo. Do you have any pictures of the shirt you used for the measurements? Would be interesting to to see how the fit compares to the tailorstore shirt...
So because of a relationship she tried to kill herself.... double fail!
I generally don't like them unless they are very subtle and conservative... a colorful poofed up PS indeed looks too "try-hard" and fruity to me. But then again, working in a conservative environment might have just made me become too narrow-minded...
Quote: Originally Posted by gsxrlawyer I have only seen one suit as you describe...I think you need to say go-go gadget and it starts doing due diligence for you. Hot damn, I'll take TWO!! And the outfit looks fine, although - depending on where you interview - I'd personally keep it a little more conservative (different tie, barrel cuffs, no pinstripes, etc.).
+1 on the Pratt knot... works every time (even with ties that aren't exceptionally thick).
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