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Quote: Originally Posted by em36 Have a look at Rimowa. Cabin-trolleys. +1 Got one of those... stay away from the aluminium though. Looks good but also considerably heavier.
I always take it off and hang it over a chair and usually *gasp* roll up my shirt sleeves and loosen the tie, too.
The only reason I'd be tempted to get one was to use it as a tool to emphasize reactions of shock or surprise by making it drop out of my eye...
Quote: Originally Posted by genericman giving some thought to a pair of RM Williams Stockman (Jodhpur)... [IMG] any suggestions, or should i just stick with their chelseas? I was gonna suggest those... recently got a pair and like them very much. I can't really comment on quality/fit/etc. since I have no frame of reference when it comes to boots. For what it's worth, the sizing guide in the RMW thread...
I'd suggest going completely traditional Of course you must also have a saucy affair with your employer's wife and ultimately assist her in a plot to kill off her husband with a candelabra. But don't worry, you won't be exposed until the very end...
Quote: Originally Posted by instep Sounds like silverfish to me. They eat cotton, unlike (IME) moths, which prefer wool/silk. You'd best call in an exterminator. Those buggers are hard to find. Silverfish really eat cotton? I think I have a couple of those living in my bathroom... they haven't touched my towels yet
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy That is one hell of a nice jacket. It is funny to see how much better McQueen looks out of a suit than in one. Agreed. This jacket is also pretty badass
Nope... I'm an ass regardless of my attire.
Keepin it simple just now: gin (Tanqueray) & tonic
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Additions to my list: - Terminator Salvation + 1 I can't wait
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