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Well, I beg your pardon if my tone was insulting. My exasperation was meant to be somewhat wry. I just find it funny that there's page after page (after page!) of bickering about quality, when the whole issue would be cast in a more appropriate light based on the appearance of the finished result. Meanwhile, you certainly didn't seem shy about taking pics during the fitting. It's like sharing the experience of a $500 haircut, showing the barber cutting your hair, and...
Wait -- Ten goddamned pages and not a single pic of him wearing the shirt? WTF?
Something about this thread struck me as familiar, so I did a little searching and found a necro-thread written in 1813 entitled "Doth the Decline of Dryss Bother You?" No joke. Lots of good stuff there -- Vox was really at the top of his game. Here's a trechant post from a forum member named "Beaubrummel17":
I just felt bad for interrupting the music conversation.
Another issue is the fact that as casualization grows, jacket and tie becomes increasingly marginalized and socially inappropriate. Costume. And I suppose that's fine with some people. This thread is a litany of "I'm the best dressed guy at my office (and I'm okay with that)," which, because of the decline of formality, may be beginning to edge into "I'm suit-guy oddball at the office." And, alas, some of us may not be okay with that.
I think the emotionally healthy response is to say that we don't care how those around us dress. But I think that in our iGent psyches, there's a lot of aspiration, not just for self-creation, but maybe for a little world-building. I think we'd like to live in a world where our aesthetic sensibilities are reflected and valued. A world where most everyone wore a jacket and tie would be fun, exciting, romantic; a world I wouldn't mind living in; and since I know how to do...
Not sure if serious.Of the off chance you're sincerely asking, browsing is not wasting anyone's time. Asking a question is not wasting anyone's time. Chit-chat is not wasting anyone's time.Seriously engaging an associate's time so that they're tracking down a shoe/shirt/suit, or trying to come up with outfit options for you, while you know all along that you have no intention of buying it is probably wasting someone's time.Otherwise, see johnvw's post above.
Wow, I even said "please."Look, you can have the salesfloor skills of a kung fu master, and still not realize that the person that you're trying to help is, well, a dick -- someone who has little real regard, let alone respect, for the person trying to help him or her and make a living. I'm talking about deliberately wasting a salesperson's time -- what is sometimes called itn the biz "getting stroked."I don't think it's asking too much for any of us as customers to...
When you work sales, your most precious resource is time. Time wasted is money wasted -- money for bills, money for food, money for rent. If I'm working with you and you're deliberately wasting this time, I'm not helping that other customer who would otherwise be using my expertise in good faith, and where I stand to be compensated for my work. Please don't do this.
New Posts  All Forums: