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I'm always afraid of being ridiculed, but I have to admit that for the last several (4+) years I have found Mad TV to be consistently superior to SNL. Even though I don't think they're as funny when they are very funny, I think the shows are much more consistent. Losing Will Ferrell was pretty much the end for this generation of SNL in my mind (and Jimmy Fallon ruined half his skits just by being there), and the new people aren't a home run cast. 90% of the sketches make...
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 are you willing to have 49% control of the company while i take the rest? Yes, I'd prefer to be a silent partner anyway, so I can join and sabotage the inevitable and ridiculous "people deserve oxygen how could you do this you're monsters" movement and ensure our continued monetary success. Quote: Originally Posted by Lel I always though that expanding the use of vending machines, like they...
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 here's one. tell me what you think. everyone breathes right? so if everyone breathes, that means everyone..........i dunno? Hoarde oxygen, poison the atmosphere and resell the oxygen?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 which one? The one that's seen a woman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Waiting 'till they fall asleep! "No, officer, she said it was OK three hours before!" Whenever you post about the opposite sex I just want to pat you on the head like I do with my dog to calm her down when she's barking at birds in the backyard.
Dodgeball was horrible. It's a little less recent than the new fat hairy guy shit, but man, what a piece of garbage. I personally don't like Ben Stiller, but I try not to let that bias me and immediately assume everything he does is garbage. That movie was garbage. Anchorman : Dodgeball :: Superbad : Knocked Up, IMO
Yes. So...
Endymion and PdN New York all week. God damn, Endymion is growing on me. Shit is expensive as hell, though. Makes Creed look (almost) reasonable.
Insecurity is ugly.
This is a distinct Pat Riley-only zone.
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