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If i were to look for a brown or tan full grain leather messenger bag for under $100 which brands should i look into? If this guy was junior member he would be banned from posting, so what gives him the right?
I don't really understand why this rule doesn't seem to apply if the poster has more then 500 posts...
Wear a bra?
It's funny how being a special flower only applies to junior members.
(Thread starter) Can quality and d-bag mall fashion go in the same sentence?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Temp - 9c, cold start & trying to catch the light before it starts to rain Days Agenda - Sunday, real coffee & Sunday sports page! Warm up & get ready for one of the great Aussie trads - Sun night beer at the local! You inspire me
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I can't imagine being on a forum like this at an age that a lot of guys are (late teens - early 20s) and seeing so much cool shit that you can't afford. It would drive me nuts, esp since I have that "I want this I want this" type of personality Welcome to my jobless world
Where can i get good quality aviators for under 75$?
The belt on his chest is still making me laugh.
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