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Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I went to Lily's and thought it had good craft/classic cocktails, very limited menu though. The hidden cigar room is pretty cool. The ambience and crowd of Lily's is a lot better than its menu or cocktail preparation. It's a nice place to hang with friends and sip some Scotch after finishing work, but not for cocktails unfortunately.
Most places in Hong Kong are pretty bad for cocktails (eg. I asked for an Old Fashioned the other day and I got 4 oz of Jack Daniels, crushed ice, lime cordial and sugar stirred into the drink). Thus I usually stick with bottled beer or neat scotch. Does anyone have any places to recommend for well made and inventive cocktails?
solid navy is your best bet for that shirt.
Hi, I am from Hong Kong. I'd like to clarify: I want 5 100% cotton "winter weight" socks; does that mean 9.59 * 5 = USD 47.95 because shipping is free? Please confirm, as I want to place an order soon. Also, are these socks completely opaque? (Otherwise I'd rather get the merino.)
Thanks everyone! Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Most of the pairs on their website seem to be 170 HKD or less, except for one pair which is 500 HKD for some reason I cannot determine. This is great; I didn't even bother checking the website because I thought it'd be too expensive. Viccel still seems like a better deal though. And lol the HKD 500 pair seems to be the one with nylon and...
Thanks guys. I'll probably go for the Viccels (if they ship here). Lane Crawford only has socks with nylon in them; the Armoury will probably laugh at me if my maximum willingness to pay per pair is only HKD 300.
Hi Styleforum, I live in Hong Kong, and would like to know where to find good socks with the following characteristics: Colourful/fun (think Paul Stuart) Over the calf Material: 100% cotton or 100% wool (is this even possible, ie. without nylon or acrylic?) Doesn't cost something ridiculous like HKD 300 for one pair I'd be willing to compromise on any of the four criteria if the other three are fulfilled ... Thanks!
You're not going to be a prop trader when you graduate, unless by "prop trader" you mean gamble with your own money from your basement.
Can anyone recommend a cologne for use in the daytime in summer (30 degrees plus), in a professional setting (banking)? I'm young (a recent graduate) if that matters. Thanks!
In the UK, there are no special names. In any case, it's not something particularly attractive about you that you want to put on your CV.
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